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I have exciting book news! My newest release, Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way, is available in Kindle as well as Print; and my very first book, Tarot: A Witch's Journey, published eight years ago, has been re-published as a new revamped, re-edited 2nd edition, also available in Print and Kindle.  Info and links are below.

With April I have visions of gardens and flower beds in my mind.  This year I want to do a lot of container gardening with veggies... tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, etc.  I'm going to make use of my large back deck to have all of this delicious kitchen fare right outside the back door. (It will also make watering a much easier chore with everything gathered in one spot.) 

My infamous flower beds, that I used to spend a great deal of time, energy, and money on, are somewhat neglected with my busier life and more hectic schedule commuting and working in Omaha, but I was far seeing in the fact that much of what I planted back in the day were perennials, and except for a few things that have died out, most of the flowers continue to come up on their own, without my assistance, or a lot of attention.  This year I'm going to splurge on herbs, magickal herbs that I want to cut and dry throughout the season to restock my magickal cupboards, like rosemary, sage, and lavendar, along with some less familiar choices (like lemon verbena, lemon balm, and dill, just to name a few).  Do you like to garden?  What are you going to grow this year?  What's your favorite flower?

I'm thinking that it's about time to do another round of free video tarot readings for the zodiac signs, so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you want to be automatically notified when I post a new video.  I actually miss doing these monthly, which I did for two years (with a mid-month mini-reading), but time and energy are both too sparse.  That's okay, it makes it feel even more special when I do get the itch to produce these readings.  I love the tarot connections that are made through them.  I love the feedback you give me, and I feel a sense of satisfaction with my own tarot connection. 

Enjoy this month's special Newsletter Video... It's full of randomness!  There's a secret revealed about my book, Tarot: A Witch's Journey, that I've never told anyone, till now. Meet Lucifer! -- He's a sweetheart! Ouija Boards, what's your story???

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From  The Witch's Desk

I have two big updates since the last newsletter.

1.  My newest book, Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way, is now available in both Print & Kindle at Amazon.

2.  My very first book, Tarot: A Witch's Journey, has been re-edited, has a revamped cover, and has been re-published as a 2nd edition in both Print & Kindle at Amazon. KINDLE and PRINT

Magickal  Wedding Showers

We celebrate the fact that one becomes two. We celebrate the success of finding a mate. Yes, we do, even though most feminists might flinch at this. She did good, they'll say, eye-balling the future husband, holding him up to their personal measuring stick. But this is not only the celebration of a coupling, it's celebrating the creation of a new family. As the future bride opens her pretty packaged gifts, this will be evident amongst all the shiny new pots and pans, the toaster, and the coffee-maker. This young woman and her fiance will be setting up house, preparing for a lifetime together to build memories, to raise children, to grow old together. In our modern world, as progressive and feminist as we'd like to think we are, we're still chasing Prince Charming and Happy-Ever-After endings.

Creating the Home = Creating Sacred Space

The Kitchen
For most families, this is the center of the home, the hearthfire, where the group gathers for sustinance, for company, for recreation, for connection. I don't know about everyone else, but anything that goes down in our house goes down in the kitchen. Our large kitchen table doubles as my office, the classroom, the dining table, the game board, card table, and craft table. Things are written, sculpted, painted, eaten, played, and produced-- all at The Kitchen Table.

The kitchen is the hub, and shower gifts for this room, this special space, are prolific and fun to buy and give. I've been married five times and I've never had a wedding shower, so I'm living vicariously here in this section, remembering (with a wee bit of envy, I admit) all of the cool things new brides can receive to set up their hearthfire. But there's one big difference here, we're going to look at all of these gifts from a magickal and spiritual perspective. We're going to wallow in Bridal Mania and Goddess Energy.

1. Herbs...one of the coolest gifts I've seen was a huge beautiful wooden shelf full of bottles and bottles of herbs, large glass bottles. The Green Witch in me was twitching! The wooden cubby-holed rack was dark cherry wood, and the whole frame swiveled, so you could turn it, looking at four sides full of glass bottles full of wonderful magickal plants and spices. However, as grand and glorioso as this was, this wonderful gift does not have to break our piggy bank. Herbs are expensive, and they are so uniquely necessary, both mundanely and magickally, for cooking and witchy revelry.

If everyone is counting their pennies, but you still want the New Bride to start out with a well-stocked herb cabinet, each guest can bring one designated herb. Coordinate this so that each individual knows exactly what to purchase-- Aunt Lacey is in charge of Parsely; Cousin Edie is going to be responsible for Rosemary; Grandma Betty is bringing Cardamom, etc., etc.

O' Green Witch rejoice!

2. Pots and Pans...Oh my, this sounds so dreary, bringing to mind the skullery maid chained to the kitchen peeling potatoes, wiping sweat from her brow with her brown work-worn paw...Screeeech! (The tape rewinds)

Pots and pans, think about it...drum roll...The Cauldron!

This is where all our magick brews, it is the myth of the witch, it is Shakespearian and dramatic, highly visual, slightly daunting to the uninitiated individuals, and highly gratifying to the Witches Extrordinaire.

Mundane Pots & Pans: You know, those teflon pots are nice for a while, but it's really a drag when the teflon gets scratched and then begins to peel and flake; and if you're like I am, having come from a humble background, you don't just toss it out when the first few worn marks and flaws show up. If you're anything like me, you use it until it is disgusting and two or three kids have attempted to throw it out and finally hidden it so deeply within the depths of the trash that you won't find it. So, if money is an issue, but not that much of an issue, my suggestion would be stainless steel. Stainless steel pots and pans will last forever.

Magickal Pots & Pans: This part is much more fun. I'm thinking...special pots for specific magickal workings. I'm thinking color-coordinated cooking pots, those pretty bright enamel (and usually teflon lined) pots. I know, this is an irony, but this is special! It's for magickal workings, energy building and moving and shaking. It's all about getting things done.

A green pot for health and healing, for simmering teas and making infusions, all the while tossing in the energy to fix whatever is wrong with our physcial, emotional, and mental selves (You have to look at it from all those perspectives, it's all wrapped up into us.). You can use this pot to mix and heat magickal oils as well, but one word of caution here. If you're going to be using these pots for teas and such that you ingest, don't use them for other magickal creations that would contain anything poisonous or dangerous.

The rest is easy. A red pot for love and lust and passion; blue for dreams and visions, psychism, and divination; yellow for creativity and communication; and if you think you might venture into deeper waters and work with darker energies, or anything that is stronger and not meant to be ingested, why don't you get a small silver or black pot for this.

3. The Stove...this is the modern version of The Hearth-fire, use your imagination for the crackling flames and the dancing shadows on the wall. I also have a wonderful gift idea for the new bride and her stove. Think of the flame (the burners) as a you would a flame in a cauldron. When you've finished your magickal workings, you generally dismiss the quarters and the elements. To put the magick to rest, you can have a set of those round metal burner covers made and decorated with the symbols for the elements-- Earth, Air, Water, Fire. The symbolism and the artistry that could go into them are endless, whether you want to keep it simple and just use the correct color symbol for that element, or really go to town...birds and flying creature on the cover for Air; the sea, sea creatures, and sea shells on the cover for Water...You get the point.

The Living-room
Think of gifts geared for relaxation, for reading, for communication, as this is often a lounging and gathering place for family members. Think of things to write with; board games; books; big soft pillows and pretty small blankets for the couch or easy chair; candy dishes for the end tables or coffee table; a tea set that comes with a serving tray. I can see all of these delightful things in my mind, and I can see the space that they're meant for being cozy and inviting, where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The idea of communication and creativity come to me when I think of a living room space, which steers me towards CDs, books, DVDs (movies! Yay!)...something to watch, listen to, or read.

The living room, think serenity and peace, think communication and connection.

The Bathroom
The element: Water
The main intent and purpose in this room: Cleansing!

Did you ever wonder why, in so many bathrooms you see, people just naturally tend to decorate with sea themes, sea and water creatures, sea shells and other things of the ocean, or water related? I really believe it's some ingrained instinct, not fashionable decorating fads, that leads them to these water based interior designs for the bathroom.

So, we got the water creatures and stuff down pat, but there's other things to think about that would make incredible and magickal shower gifts for the bathroom:

Large glass bowls or lidded containers filled with herbs aligned to the element of water-- belladonna, catnip, calamus cardamom, henbane, valerian, raspberry, rose, myrrh, passion flower, and on and on it goes (pick up Scott Cunningham's book, "Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs"). And while we're at it, what about live potted plants for the bathroom? I'd love live plants for shower gifts, and I'm betting other women would too-- roses, jasmine, gardenias, or african violets, all connected with the element of Water.

Candles, so obvious! When you fill the tub with nice hot water, topping it off with a handful of herbs and pinch of this or that with a dollop of bubbly stuff, you're going to light candles to set the mood for your bathing experience. *Ding*...that was the lightbulb going off in my head! It's saying, "Time to shop!" How fun to look for candles and candle holders for someone's bathroom; and it might be a good idea to play heavily on the personal likes and tastes of the new little bride you're buying these magickal gifts for. Candle holders will add so much to the personal aspect of it, holders in different styles, colors, and shapes (animals, leaves, and such). Have fun! Shop till you drop, then go home and run yourself a nice full tub of water and prepare to relax.

The Bedroom
Oh my, this is the supreme sacred space, especially for the newly-wed couple; and I don't care if they've been sleeping together for years. The wedding night is going to be so magickal, this is extremely special. This space will seem somehow newly sanctified to them through a committment ceremony. It will be sealed. It will be celebrated.

The elements? The energy?

This space is a bit conflicted on this point. There's actually two elements that will apply to this room and two very different types of energy. We'll look at both of them.

1. Fire: passion, lust, romantic love, all of which implies lots of energy; lots of physicality; lots of motion and a sharing of energies. This can be wonderful, but also exhausting.

2. Water: peace, dreams, visions, of course. This is where you sleep, where your body renews itself, where your mind relaxes, where your sub-conscious can take over and you can soar in your dreams.

What a wonderful, yet complicated, space to create. Depending upon the couple and their circumstances, you might want magickal gifts geared to fertility and sex. At the other end of the spectrum, you'll want gifts that add to the experience of relaxation and peace. I know, this room is an oxymoron, and it can get even more confusing if the energies of the two individuals who are inhabiting this space are conflicting, or even polar opposites.

For the wedding shower, offer up a bit of magickal energy and a touch of the goddess through crystals and stones; salt lamps; candles; herbs; mojo bags for protection, fertility, cleansing; statuary that inspires, inspirational CD/DVDs that will add a certain ambiance to the atmosphere.

Herb of the Month

Gender:  masculine
Planet: Mercury
Element:  Fire
Deities:  Prometheus, Dionysus
Powers:  protection, healing, purification

Magickal Uses:
Grown around the home, it provides protection.  Wearing a piece of fennel in the left shoe will prevent the bite of a wood tick.  Fennel is also hung at doors and windows to ward off evil spirits, and the seeds can be carried on your person to do the same thing.

Fennel is also used in purification and healing sachets.

This space is available for advertising.

I'll include a photo; your contact info; and a short paragraph about your business.

$30.00 for a one-time post

Email me at witch_of_endore@yahoo.com

Please post “Advertising Offer” in the subject line so you don’t get lost in my messy inbox.  Thank you

April's Moon

Named for: “Aprilis”, from the Greek name “Aphrodite”, goddess of love; or after “aperire” meaning ‘to open’.
Anglo-Saxon: Easter-monap
Birthstone: diamond
Flower: daisy, sweet pea

April Moon Magick:
Hare Moon
Herbs: allspice, frankincense, fennel, musk, pine
Stones: diamone, crystalline kyanite, emerald
Scents: pine, bay, patchouli
Colors: red, gold
Trees: pine, bay, hazel
Deities: Kali, Hathor, Ceres, Venus, Bast
Elements: Fire/Earth
Astrological Influences for April:
ruled by Mars, projective/masculine, cardinal/fire
ruled by Venus, receptive/feminine, fixed/earth

Crafting Your Magick

Magic during this time is all about transforming the energy of passion and will into physical manifestation. Anything you aspire to or desire will be brought into realization now through the passion of your emotions and the heat of your will-- just be careful what you wish for. This is also the perfect time to cast a spell to banish stubbornness, either in yourself or someone you deal with. And at the other end of the spectrum, you can work magic now to instill a backbone where one might be lacking.

All seven chakras are highlighted during April. Work on those that show a blockage or need strengthening, or those chakras that you’ve had personal issues with in the past.

Chakra Candles 

at The Witch's Corner
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Balancing the Chakras

Balancing the Chakras is not difficult, anyone can learn to do it.  I learned, and if I could learn to do this, so can you:

The stones I prefer to use for this process includes:

Hematite—root chakra

Carnelian—sacral chakra

Citrine—solar plexus

Rose quartz—heart chakra

Blue lace agate—throat chakra

Sodalite—third eye

Amethyst—crown chakra

Make sure the recipient of this charka balancing session is reclining comfortably. Place a small pillow under their head and one beneath their knees if they wish, to relieve back strain.

Before I begin, I explain to the recipient what I’m going to do, and I use this opportunity to assure them they can place the stones for the root chakra and the breast chakra (if the client is female) themselves.

To lay the stones, begin at the feet with a smoky quartz, if you choose to use this stone in this position. This is a good practice to facilitate grounding. Otherwise begin at the root chakra, placing the hematite stone, or having the client place the stone, on the pubic bone.

Everyone’s body shape is different, and it may be awkward or impossible to get a stone to lie in this spot for some people. If that is the case—the body, in this position, forms a ‘Y’; place the stone at the base of the ‘v’ formed by the crease of the legs, at the top of the thighs, and at the base of the genital area.

Place the carnelian stone over the sacral chakra, the lower abdomen. In women, this would be where the womb and ovaries are located.

Next, is the solar plexus, located approximately three inches above the naval. Here, place the citrine crystal.

At the heart chakra, between the breasts, you’ll lay a stone of rose quartz. If your client is a female, she may be more comfortable placing this stone herself.

To lay a stone for the throat chakra, place the blue lace agate at the base of the throat, in the hollow that you will generally find here.

The third eye chakra can be found between the eyebrows and just slightly above them. Gently lay the sodalite stone in this spot. Occasionally you will have a client who feels the weight of this stone, no matter how small, very acutely. Be careful in placing the stone in this very sensitive spot, and reassure the recipient that sensations she/he may feel are not unusual.

For the crown chakra, you will want to take your amethyst crystal and lay it gently on the pillow just above the client’s head. Tuck it up close so that it’s in contact with the body.

There, you have your crystals and stones in place. Allow the client to remain laying in this position for 15-20 minutes. It helps to set the tone if you have some soft ambient music in the background, perhaps a subtle incense, and low lighting or candlelight. It also helps the client to relax if they feel secure, that their privacy will not be violated, and that they will not be interrupted.

Make sure your client knows that if any of the stones happen to slip from their position during this process, they should leave them lay and not try to replace them. This often means that the stone’s work is done.

After 15 or 20 minutes, we’ll now check the chakras for inconsistencies in their energy.  I personally prefer a pendulum for this process, and you may find that this works well too.

Checking the Chakras:

Beginning at the root chakra and working your way up hold the pendulum a few inches above the body and give it a few moments to work. If it swings back & forth, side-to-side to the body, it means that this chakra is blocked. If the pendulum swings back and forth head-to-toe, in line with the body, it means that the chakra needs to be re-energized but is not blocking the passage of energies from the other chakras. A positive movement of the pendulum, which for me is a circle, means that this chakra is just fine. You can proceed two ways– either by automatically re-energizing all the chakras, regardless of your pendulum findings; or simply by re-energizing and unblocking the problem chakras. When you work on any of the problem chakras, remember to check them again with your pendulum once you’ve cleared and re-energized them. If you’re really thorough, and your client hasn’t been laying flat for an uncomfortable length of time, you can recheck all of the chakras at the end of this process.

To clear and re-energize the chakras, I use a three inch clear quartz crystal point.

First, remove the negative energy and etheric trash from the chakra:

Lay the quartz crystal in your receiving hand with the point away from you; place your projective hand, facing downward, at your side, aimed towards the ground to harmlessly disperse this negative energy back to the earth. Hold your receiving hand just above the chakra you’re working on and slowly begin to move this hand with the crystal in it in small counter-clockwise rotations, lifting it higher and higher from the body as you do.

You may or may not notice strange physical sensations with the actual movement of energy. Some people do and some don’t. Just because you may not feel any physical sensation, it does not mean that what you’re doing isn’t working—it just may be very subtle, or you are not picking it up for some reason.

Once you’ve ‘pulled’ the negative energy out of the chakra, and you feel that it’s as cleared as you can get it, you are going to re-charge it with positive energy: Take the clear quartz crystal and place it in your projective hand with the point facing towards you. Hold your receiving hand out to your side, palm up to draw positive energy inward. Holding your projective hand containing the crystal a ways above the chakra that you’re working on, begin to move this hand in small ever-widening clockwise circles, moving closer and closer to your client’s body and the chakra. Stop just above it.

Circle the area as often as you feel you need to, and at slower or faster speeds, until you feel that enough positive energy has moved through your receiving hand, along your arms, and exited through your projective hand and the crystal into the client’s body.

Now you can use your pendulum to check the energy of this chakra. Hopefully all is well and you’ll be able to move on to the next chakra; if not, repeat the process until you get a positive reading from your pendulum letting you know that the chakra has been properly cleared and reenergized.

Make sure that throughout this process you remember to ask your client from time to time if they’re comfortable, and don’t make anyone lay on their back for too extended a period. Some people with blocked energy and unbalanced chakras may need more than one session to clear things up.

Once you are finished and have reached the end of this session with your client, remove the stones that have been placed upon the chakras at the beginning of the session, do so starting with the crown chakra and work your way down. Removing the stones in this progression, ending with the hematite stone at the root chakra, or the smoky quartz if you’ve placed one at their feet, facilitates grounding.

Stone of the Month

Zodiac Connections:
  Aries, Taurus, Libra
Number:  4
Chakra:  throat chakra, aligns all chakras with your aura

Beneficial for:  metaphysical abilities, logical and linear thought, victim-hood, frustration, anger, stress, resignation

Excellent for attunement and meditation, and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high-frequency energies.  Kyanite never needs cleansing.  Tuning into causal connections, this stone detaches from the idea of blind fate or implacable karma, showing how you created your present experience by past behavior. 

Facilitating the ascension process, it draws the light body into the physical realm and connects the higher mind to multidimensional frequencies.  Kyanite points to our true identity and a fulfilling vocation.  This crystal connects to guides, instills compassion, and facilitates spiritual maturation.  Assisting dream recall and promoting healing dreams, it is helpful for those making the transition through death.

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