Welcome to February's Newsletter!  We have our feet on the ground and are running with this project now, all set up and ready to be creative and magickal.  This month let's look at the energy for February and what we could be, should be, working on right now for manifestation that will enrich our lives.  You'll also find a spell for the Gray Witch dealing with removing hexes, cleansing afterwards, and making sure the perpetrator gets the message.  You'll find a video of ambient high-frequency music provided for your listening pleasure as you browse this newsletter.  Also, I'm going to be taping a new monthly video created just for this newsletter that will be informal, informative, cover a multitude of goddess knows what topics, and sometimes it might even get personal.  Of course, there will be lots of other gems and nuggets ~ Read on!   And please feel free to pass this newsletter on to a friend.

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Happy Imbolc!

Removing the Curse

I can't begin to tell you how often I get requests for help from people who believe they've been cursed in some way, panic stricken because they're convinced someone has put the evil eye on them, sent something evil their way to ruin their lives, or take their lover, or ruin their business, ormake them sick, etc.

Nine times out of ten, these people are bringing their misfortune on themselves because of their own fear and panic and negative thoughts.  But then, that 10th time comes around.  You can smell it.  There's something different about their tone, something different about the feel of it, and sure enough...bad magick is afoot.

If you're one of these people, here's how you fix that.  

The following is correspondence sent to a friend of an individual who's business was under attack.  It's hard enough to make a success of any business in our modern world, but when you have someone throwing you under the magickal bus, it can get dirty.  Read on and remember, this is the land of The Gray Witch.  We're going to do what we have to do to fix this. 

This spell can be applied to a plethora of situations:

(Posted as originally written, unedited)

First, she’s going to want to lift whatever bad magick has been placed on her. Easy. Dress a black candle with uncrossing oil; write a petition paper to fold and place beneath it naming names, saying what she wants lifted; burn the candle. She needs to get rid of the remains of this spell OFF her property (drive to a park and throw it in a dumpster, as an example, or drive somewhere and bury it, or drive to a river and throw it in). Afterwards, she needs to sage and cleanse herself, her home, her business, her vehicle, etc., to make sure it’s all wiped away and the slate is clean.

Note: I’d use a votive candle, and don’t put it in a candle holder, let the wax run the way it wants to. I’d place the candle on a plate or in a dish; the wax and remains will firm up when it’s done burning, and you can usually pick the whole shebang up and put it in a bag.

Second, she needs to fill the space she’s just cleared and cleansed. Don’t leave it to the universe to do that, because the universe isn’t very picky. She can dress and burn candles and incense in these spaces to fill it up with positive energy conducive to her desires: a green candle for prosperity and health; a yellow candle for expanded communication and enhancement of mental faculties; a blue candle to bring calm and peace; and a white candle consecrated to Spirit.

Now her house is clean, figuratively speaking.

It’s time to take care of the enemy.

She needs ~ jezebel root; a black candle; crossing oil; a name paper; a jar with a lid, and her own urine.

Fill the jar with jezebel root; several drops of crossing oil; the name paper (if it were me, after she writes the name of the Evil One on the name paper-- spit on it); then fill the jar with her own urine (this could take a day to get done, but think of the energy that’s going into it!). Make sure the lid is tightly screwed on.

Next, put the sealed jar in a nice safe fireproof place, and one where you won’t mind some wax drippings, because she’s going to anoint the black candle with crossing oil (using a votive candle); sit it on top of the jar-- all by itself, not in a votive candle holder-- light it and let it burn, letting the wax drip the way it wants to. Let it burn down in one go.

Then she needs to take this jar and bury it in some secret safe place OFF her property. If she could bury it on the target’s property, that would just be over the moon, but we don’t want her to get caught and get arrested for trespassing.

Uncrossing Oil


Magickal Oils, Potions,

n' Powders

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Helpful Hint:

Once you purchase your bottle of magickal oil, never let the bottle run out of oil. You can treat your first bottle, which will be filled with herbs and other magickal things, as a "mother". The energy is there, the original recipe is there, just keep re-filling your bottle with a base oil of your choice.

Herb of the Month

Energy:  projective/masculine
Planet:  Sun
Element:  Fire

Use in potions for visions, clairvoyance and wisdom. Place under your pillow to induce prophetic dreams. Carry to ward off evil, and scatter or burn for exorcism. Add to cleansing teas and baths. Scatter on the floor, and then sweep out for protection. The priestesses at Delphi are said to have chewed bay leaves to induce their visions and prophesies.

Book of Shadows

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February's Moon ~ 

Named for: “Februus”-- an old Italian god; or “Februa”-- a purification celebration in Rome
Anglo-Saxon: Sprote-kalemonap
Birthstone: amethyst
Flower: primrose

February Moon Magick:
Chaste Moon
Herbs: honeysuckle, oak moss, jasmine,nutmeg, pine
Stones: nebula stone, amethyst, ammolite, angelite
Scents: wisteria, heliotrope
Colors: light blue, violet
Trees: rowan, laurel, cedar
Deities: Brigit, Juno, Kuan Yin, Diana,
Persephone, Demeter
Elements: Air/Water

Astrological Influences for February:
ruled by Saturn and Uranus, projective/masculine, fixed/air
ruled by Neptune, receptive/feminine, mutable/water

Pagan Holiday:
February 2

In the ancient world, and in the agricultural world of today, this is the time when the ewes begin giving birth. This is the time of, not only birth, but lactation, and a time to celebrate these two wonders of life.

This is also a festival of the Celtic goddess, Bride, so beloved by the people of the old world that the Roman church couldn't eradicate her. Instead they made her a saint, Saint Brigit. In Celtic lore, the Old Woman of Winter (the Cailleach) was reborn as Bride, the young maiden of Spring.

Herbs: basil, bay, celandine, benzoic
Altar Flowers/Herbs: angelica, myrrh, flowers that are yellow/white/or blue
Feast Foods: bread, cakes, dairy products, seeds
Animals: burrowing animals, ewes, deer, goats, lambs
Incense: jasmine, myrrh, neroli
Rituals/Spells: candle magick, initiation, hearth/home blessings, fertility magick, healing magick, cleansing rituals

February ~
Crafting Your Magick

Now’s the time for spells to balance raw individualism with the dreamy and poetic side of life. Cast spells for divination, ambition, unrealized aspirations, and situations that will balance communication with emotion. Spells to reveal the truth and for clarity of vision may also be highlighted at this time. Magic aimed at the spiritual side of life will prove very strong with this moon. Now is the time to seek enlightenment and make some incredible magical connections with the Divine.

Work on issues this month that deal with the crown chakra, with illumination and enlightenment. Allow yourself to experience a sense of completion within the illusive energy of the spiritual side of life.

Chakra Candles 

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The Crown Chakra

Location: top of the skull
Color: violet
Element: all four
Essential Oils: violet, lavender, lilac
Crystals: amethyst, alexandrite
Planet: the universe
Astrological Connection: Aquarius
Qualities: spiritual enlightenment, expansion of the consciousness and the soul, divine connection
Life Issues: rich spiritual life, better understanding of The Big Picture, insight into your destiny
Spiritual Activities: meditation, spiritual exploration and practice
Positive Archetype: The High Priestess
Negative Archetype: The Hierophant

Candle Meditation
Crown Chakra

Connect with The Divine
on a higher spiritual plane.

Open yourself to a heightened
spiritual awareness, a personal
relationship with divinity.

See beyond the mundane
world, work through emotional
issues, arrive at enlightenment.

I connect with my
higher self.
I connect with the Divine.

Stone of the Month

Correspondences for Amethyst ~
Chakra: third eye and crown
Number: 3
Zodiac sign: Aquarius, Pisces
Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
Beneficial for: physical, emotional, and psychological pain; decision making; recurrent nightmares, protection against thieves; anger; rage; fear; anxiety; grief; dreams; awakening your intuition and psychic gifts

Amethyst derives from the Greek for "to be intoxicated" and was worn to prevent drunkenness. Promoting love of the divine, amethyst encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom. Opening multidimensional awareness, it enhances metaphysical abilities and is an excellent stone for meditation and scrying. Sleeping with amethyst facilitates out-of-body experiences, helps dream recall, and assists visualization. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting it into love. A natural tranquilizer, amethyst blocks geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. Harmonizing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and linking them to the spiritual, it purifies the aura. Amethyst is helpful for people about to make the transition through death and supports coming to terms with loss.

This stone has a sobering effect on over indulgence and overcomes addictions. Beneficial to the mind, it calms or stimulates as appropriate, helping you to feel more focused, assisting assimilation of new ideas, and connecting cause with effect. Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation. This stone balances emotional highs and lows.

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February 2018

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