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Where are the older

Generation of Witches?

I've been thinking lately of the older witches in our modern world, where are they?  I've been combing YouTube, looking for other like-minded individuals, finding some pagans and witches who are new to me, and the majority of them all seem to be from mid-twenties to mid-thirties, with an occasional 40ish practitioner showing up, but not too often.

It's not that they're not all informative, and interesting, and inspiring, but the demographics just feels "off".  It gives a one-sided skewered view of paganism and the modern pagan, from the vantage point of only one generation.

Where are the older generation of witches?  We can't all be so old that we've withdrawn from the internet and social media.  (But you have to wonder, has the media and the internet forsaken the older  generation?)

If anyone reading this out there has found YouTube videos, blogs, books, etc., created by older witches, pagans, wizards, and shamans, will you please share their links with us?

Edit:  Share your links HERE in the comments.

Herb of the Month

Energy:  masculine
Planet:  Mercury
Element:  Fire

Purification, sleep, love, healing, psychic powers. Promotes sleep and visionary dreams. Use in healing and purification baths. Burn as a winter incense. Very useful for stomach upset and heartburn, nausea, and to ease congestion during colds and flu.

Fresh peppermint kept on your altar will draw good spirits and aid you in the practice of magick.

Many of you who are visiting this website and reading this newsletter are my tarot clients.  I want to focus on you and your experience with readings from The Tarot Parlour:

1)  How long ago has it been since you've received a reading?  

I have clients that like to do this monthly, quarterly, or at the beginning or end of the year.  Others have been doing this every six months; and I have a few people who are very unpredictable and sporadic in their timing for tarot readings, usually waiting until something very specific and problematic has come up in their lives.

Personally, I read for myself at least once a month.  Every month seems to have its own influences and energies, and I never know which way different aspects of my life are going to fly, so I make sure to check with the cards at the beginning of each month, or right at the tale end of one month, to take a peek at what's coming up.

Since I've been posting free Youtube zodiac tarot readings, geared to astrological signs, I've noticed a drop in personal readings, and a huge fan base catching my videos (over 190,000 views at the time of this post).  These readings are extremely general, and though you will feel a connection here, it cannot compare to a personal reading, one where you can ask very specific questions and receive very specific answers.  Keep this in mind.

Audio Readings are one of the most popular means of receiving a reading at The Tarot Parlour.  You'll find more information & Paypal widgets to purchase your reading at this link:  click  HERE

2.  Would you like to leave feedback on your reading on the Testimonials Page at The Tarot Parlour?

I have loved receiving the spontaneous and insightful emails from satisfied clients.  It's wonderful when I know that we've made a unique and magickal connection with the tarot.

Have you ever thought of leaving a public comment at The Tarot Parlour?  

I do believe you can do this anonymously.  If you decide to do this, here's the link, and many Thanks!  click  HERE

Candle Magick

I'm going to focus this month on LOVE ~

As I wrote in Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way about "Magick for Love n' Money":

"Two things in this world that most preoccupy our minds and determine the quality of our existence are love and money. We can’t survive without one, and we don’t want to live without the other. But even in the midst of working magick to bring love and money into our lives, we self-consciously feel the need to temper this desire and our magick with self-imposed restrictions…“This spell is not meant to make you rich…”; “It’s unethical to target a particular person in a love spell…”; “Only ask for the necessities…”.

In the midst of the magick, we feel compelled to hold back; whether through societal conditioning or mainstream religious influence. It’s only when the witch can step beyond these boundaries-- into the realm of the wild-woman, the wizard, the world of infinite possibilities and unbridled occult energy -- that she can throw restraint to the winds and attain that which she truly desires and deserves.

Use the correspondences in this section to bring into your life riches that will heighten your existence and love that will take your breath away..."

At The Witch's Corner, you will find large candles in glass containers "fixed" for LOVE.  (Those candles are pictured above, and you'll find them at THIS LINK)

Here's a video that shows you how you can fix your own love candles.  Also, know that I'm more than happy and willing to work with you to create a candle for love magick to your specifications.  It's my aim to create magickal tools geared to my clients' desires:

Book of Shadows

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I'll include a photo; your contact info; and a short paragraph about your business.

$30.00 for a one-time post

Email me at

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 January's Moon

Named for: “Janus”, a roman god of beginnings and endings
Anglo-Saxon: Wulf-monap
Birthstone: garnet
Flower: snowdrop

January Moon Magick:
Wolf Moon
Herbs: patchouli, lavender, pine,
mimosa, peppermint
Stones: amethyst spirit quartz, garnet,
cavensite, chrysanthemum quartz
Scents: musk, mimosa
Colors: white, indigo, black
Trees: birch
Deities: Freya, Inanna, Sarasvati, Hera,
Elements: Earth/Air
Astrological Influences for January:
ruled by Saturn, receptive/feminine, cardinal/earth
ruled by Saturn and Uranus, projective/masculine, fixed/air

January ~
Crafting Your Magick

The most notable thing about January this year is that it has TWO Full Moons!  We will have all kinds of opportunities this month to manifest our desires.  The second full moon, the blue moon, should be used for second chances, beating impossible odds, taking on challenging issues with self-confidence and power, knowing that the universe is working with us.

January Magick ~

The individualist will be highlighted with magic that's aimed at amplifying and celebrating nonconformity, originality, and creativity.  This is an excellent time to work magic that will manifest clearer communication, magick that will promote better  understanding between individuals, and magic that will heal rifts.  Basic human needs can be emphasized with the Wolf Moon and now is the time for spells to ensure those needs are met through magickal manifestation.

Work on issues this month that deal with the root chakra.  The earthier side of sexuality is highlighted, as well as basic physical needs.  Get down and dirty, familiarize yourself with the raw instinct of your basic nature.

Chakra Candles

at The Witch's Corner
click  HERE

The Root Chakra

Location: in the perineum at the base of the spine
Color: red
Element: Earth
Essential Oils: cinnamon, garlic, sandalwood
Crystals: ruby, bloodstone, hematite
Planet: Earth, Saturn
Astrological Connection: Capricorn
Qualities: patience, structure, stability, security, the ability to manifest your dreams
Life Issues: to value the material as sacred
Spiritual Activities: noticing the beauty and perfection of the natural world
Positive Archetype: the nurturer
Negative Archetype: the victim

Candle Meditation

Root Chakra

Unleash your ability to meet your
needs with independence and joy.

Remove obstacles to success
and good fortune.

Embrace material gain with
enthusiasm and confidence.

I honor the survivor in me.
I embrace my independence.
I honor my strength.
I honor the warrior within.

Stone of the Month

Energy: projective/masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Chakra: root
Zodiac: Aquarius
Power: healing, protection, strength, balances energy, dreams, love and bonding, self-esteem/self-confidence

Red garnet represents love. Attuned to the heart energy, it revitalizes feelings, enhances sexuality, and controls anger, especially towards yourself.  Worn during ritual magick, it bestows additional energy.

I start off 2018 with another published book under my belt.  It was a spur of the moment decision for me to publish this manuscript.  I've been sitting on it for years.  Originally, it was going to be the second half of The Gray Witch's Grimoire (everything rolled up into one volume), but at the last minute, I changed my mind.

Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way is my first experience with independent publishing.  I published this book directly with Amazon through their KDP program.  It was an absolutely extraordinary empowering experience, and I loved it.  Will I do it again?  At some point, I probably will.  Will I do it with my next book?  Probably not, I may decide to let my publisher and my editor at John Hunt tackle the next project (a much larger project that probably will require more editing skills and marketing maneuvers than I'm capable of).

However, lets concentrate on this book in the moment!  I'm looking for reviewers.  I need to get some star-ratings and brief customer reviews up at Amazon.  If you're interested in doing this, email me at

You can purchase YOUR copy of this book here ~

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The Tarot Parlour

Sources for Information Found in The Witch' Corner Newsletter ~
February 2018

Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way by Amythyst Raine

The Gray Witch's Grimoire by Amythyst Raine

Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall


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