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I had a blast creating the July Newsletter Video.  It's basically a conglomeration of questions from my blog readers on the topics of binding/hexing, court case spells, spells for the tongue, protection, and lots of other personal, off-the-cuff, spontaneous stuff.  (I obviously didn't have a formal itinerary!)  Below this video, in the newsletter below, you'll find links to my Book of Shadows that pertain to the spells involved and the questions asked.  Have fun! ~ and Witch Away!!

This month's newsletter is filled with all kinds of random information, articles, topics, videos, and Magick.


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Welcome to 
The Witch's Corner


This is Magick

Most people only know and expect from magick what they have seen on television and movies, or what they have read in fictional stories. They expect lots of special effects, both visually astounding and sometimes noisy. They expect instantaneous reactions from magickal incantations and would be satisfied with no less. To most people, if magick does not meet the above criteria, it is not magick.

They would be wrong.

Real magick works in its own way and in its own time…no special effects, no drum rolls, no flashes of light, and most of the time no melodrama. It works quietly, pervasively, discreetly, with sometimes surprising and unexpected results.

As an example…

There is a streetlight located in the neighbor’s backyard, far back in the southwest corner. I have hated this light with a passion for years. I like to go outside at night and bask in the moonlight or swim in the darkness of night, feeling the full effects of this magickal time. My children like to take their telescope out on a dark summer’s eve and visit the stars.

All of this is very hard to do when you are under the spotlight of an obnoxious mega watt lightbulb. We have cursed it many a time under our breath.

Last summer I decided to take matters into my own magickal hands and banish this light. The spell was cast, the curse of banishment spoken, the wand and finger pointed, the feet stamped, the candle set alight, the spell burned, the herbs spread, the Goddess invoked.

I felt within me a quiet sense of satisfaction.

The next night…

There was the light in all its inglorious obnoxiousness. I could almost hear it laughing in triumph, "Thought you’d get me, did you!" And it continued to shine upon us and our entire yard for the rest of the summer, into autumn. I began to ponder the situation, wondering what I may have done wrong, or what I may have overlooked in the magickal texts.

Winter came and spring finally broke through and transformed the world.

I stepped out into the backyard one cool spring night, bracing for the bright light to hit my face…but it didn’t. Our yard was full of deep blue darkness and black shadows and puddles of silver moonlight.
Surprised, I turned in the direction of the streetlight to discover that over the winter, the old tree in the neighbor’s yard had experienced a transformation. Its branches had grown incredibly during the winter months and were now lush and full of thick green foliage.

The old storm battered tree had, in fact, grown so much that it overshadowed and hid the streetlight.

This is magick.

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21 Summer Memories

1. The smell of hot pavement damp with rain.

2. Cool green grass beneath my grandmother’s apple trees.

3. Chocolate ice-cream cones from the little shop around the corner.

4. Short pixie haircuts and matching short outfits.

5. Panting dogs, lazy cats.

6. Summer storms coming– black angry skies, rumbling thunder, and those first large hesitant drops of rain.

7. Watermelon

8. Grandma’s large old picnic basket with a complete set of brightly colored plates, cups, and utensils.

9. Kool-Aid in a large clear pitcher, with enough sugar to kill a horse; and iced-tea.

10. Fans humming at night.

11. A cool pillowcase turning warm, till you turn it over to another cool side.

12. Hot cement on bare feet.

13. The smell of tomato vines.

14. Early morning sunshine falling across the flower beds.

15. The fishy smell of Lake Mitchell and the winding tree-lined gravel roads around it.

16. Cool linoleum floors.

17. Silver nail polish

18. Bicycling everywhere, on a new girls’ blue bike (circa 1968).

19. Silver moonlight falling on my grandmother’s pear tree, so bright it was hard to believe it was night.

20. My grandmother’s turquoise & white checked table cloth used for family dinners.

21. Laying lazily on my bed on hot afternoons, in front of an open window, with the elm tree right outside, reading old copies of Nancy Drew mysteries, Ann Sheridan in "The Sign of the Sphinx";  Louisa May Alcott’s "Eight Cousins", and the adventures of flight nurse Cherry Ames.

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The King of Cups

Image result for king of cups, the good tarot

Romantic, highly sexual, insipid, quiet, lazy, hedonistic, intuitive, stubborn, sensitive, unambitious, complacent…these are just a few of the words that will describe this tarot king.  The King of Cups is the least verbal of the kings.  Whether you’re waiting for a soliloquy of undying love and devotion, or a clear explanation for his actions, you are not going to receive it from this character.  The one ironic twist to this king is that although he doesn’t have the skills or the desire to express himself, his lack of expression does not mean that he doesn’t have the capacity for feeling deeply.

At his best he’s romantic and chivalrous, as long as this means that he doesn’t have to stand up for anything; and he’s gentle.  At his worst he’s lazy and passive aggressive, which generally tends to come off as childishness, and he tends to be promiscuous.  He’s also exceedingly stubborn and often has a skewered perception of any given situation.  This King indulges his appetites, whatever they may be, with unabashed abandon, and of course, no explanation or apologies.

The King of Cups, though quiet and mostly passive, will become stubborn and sullen when confronted with opposition.  He also tends to retreat from contact with those who annoy him, or with anyone who has pushed him past his limit– and this king does have a limit to how much he will tolerate, though you will never know, until it’s too late, that you’ve reached this limit, because he will never speak up. The King of Cups is closely associated with the element of Water; the herb palmetto; and the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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Elemental Invocation

The Earth, The Air, The Fire, The Water…gather here, at the crossroads of reality, between the world of the living and the world of the dead, where time does not exist, where the past and future are one.

Touch me now, with all my senses, including those that rise above the mundane, so that I may feel your presence, feel your power, feel the essence of what constitutes your being.

You are, I am.

Earth…you are the soft and glossy fur of an animal beneath my hand; you are the agonizing pain of birth; you are the solidity of the ground beneath my feet.

Air…you are my first breath and my last; you are the spark of my creativity; you are the mental connection I maintain in this life with those I love.

Fire…you are the passion that fuels my enthusiasm and resolve; you are my instinct for survival; you are what compels me to leave common sense behind and unleash the instincts of the animal within.

Water…you are my visions and my dreams; you allow me to see past the physical world to other realms and possibilities; you are my second sight, my empathy, my connection to spirits that walk the earth.

You are, I am.

Touch me now, touch me now to light me from within, that I may feel, that I may grow, that I may see, that I may know.

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July's Moon

Herb Moon

Named for: “Julius”, named by the Roman senate in honor of Julius Caesar and the month of his birth

Anglo-Saxon: Maed-monap

Birthstone: ruby

Flower: water lily

July Moon Magick:

Herb Moon

Herbs: gardenia, myrrh, sandalwood, calamus,
lemon balm

Stones: green calcite, ruby, peacock ore

Scents: orris, frankincense

Colors: silver, blue gray

Trees: oak, acacia, ash

Deities: Cerridwen, Venus, Juno, Hel, Athene

Elements: Water/Fire

Astrological Influences for July:


ruled by the Moon, receptive/feminine, cardinal/water


ruled by the Sun, projective/masculine, fixed/fire

"Earthing" is something we all need to do more often to "ground" us all !!! <<<Agreed. Yet another reason why I rarely wear shoes. Used to get in trouble quite a bit for frequently taking them off(especially at work). XD

Crafting Your Magick

Balance ego with perseverance and organization in your spell work at this time. Manifest the power of leadership and banish indecisiveness. Now is when you will find empowerment from the strength of your emotions combined with a strong will and Leo’s natural energy that leads to a desire for dominance.

Cast spells for long-term goals that will come to fruition at the Winter Solstice, manifesting with the return of the Sun. Green witchcraft is highlighted with the Herb Moon. Revel in this magic. Tend to your herb gardens and flower pots with tender loving care. Pluck and snip and dry, hanging bundles from the kitchen ceiling and stashing away in bottles and jars the ingredients for future spells and magical workings. The witch gathers to her now the botanicals that she will use during the course of the coming months and the inevitable winter.

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Herbs & Planetary Connections

Old school Witchcraft 101…those of you who’ve thrown some magickal energy around (in a good way, of course), cast a few circles, chanted a few chants, those who have walked this path for any length of time and tapped into the magickal realm of witchcraft and wizardry, are going to be familiar with the information in this blog post, but be patient with me. This post is for the new kids on the block. 

Below are some of the planets and their special energies and ten of my favorite herbs for each planet:

MOON— Day/Monday– this is the planet that is immersed in the energy of the goddess, feminine energy, intuition, inner mysteries, dreams, the filmy ethereal world of fairies and mythical creatures, and the element of Water

The herbs: calamus, lemon balm, gardenia, passion flower, jasmine, lotus, moonwort, myrrh, sandalwood, poppy, camellia

MERCURY— Day/Wednesday– this is the planet connected to communication and creativity, it centers on intelligence and wonderful lucid moments of awareness, and the element of Air

The herbs: fennel, lavender, lemongrass, marjoram, peppermint, almond, bittersweet, flax, horehound, lily of the valley

VENUS— Day/Friday– this is the planet connected to love and romance, beauty and luxury, it’s bathed in the warm glow of healthy narcissism and mutual attraction, sexuality, warm and fuzzy friendships, and the element of Water

The herbs: apple, aster, magnolia, hibiscus, foxglove, geranium, blackberry, corn, lilac, willow

MARS— Day/Tuesday– this is the harsh, hot, in-your-face energy of the warrior, it encompasses strength, it protects, it challenges, it sets boundaries and patrols the parameters of our world, on the watch for negative energy, and it is connected to the element of Fire

The herbs: cumin, garlic, ginger, holly, pine, tobacco, wormwood, coriander, allspice, hawthorn

JUPITER— Day/Thursday– this is the planet of growth and expansion, it touches and influences the financial commercial world we inhabit, it infiltrates the judicial system, the institutions that keep our society running smoothly, and it’s influenced by the element of Earth

The herbs: anise, dandelion, sage, nutmeg, witch grass, clove, honeysuckle, hyssop, maple, fig

SATURN— Day/Saturday– the dark side, the shadow world is found here, the place that so many tend to tip-toe through, but the energy so often needed, this is the planet that will bring the truth to light and punish those who have harmed others, and it’s connected with the element of Earth and Fire

The herbs: skullcap, slippery elm, wolf’s bane, morning glory (devil’s guts), hemlock, hemp, belladonna, comfrey, mimosa, knot weed

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