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Happy Summer Solstice!

June's Newsletter

Psychic Oil ~ What is it? How do I use it? How do I make it?

Hello, from Hedgewytch Hollow! I’m tucked in bed this morning with my computer and a fresh cup of morning coffee (my first one, actually).  My ipod is singing to me in the background (an Indian/Yoga/Relaxation chant), and if I remember, I’ll tuck it at the bottom of this post so you can listen to it, too. On to the business at hand, Psychic Oil!

First, all about oils…the following opening paragraphs are an introduction to the section on oils in my book, The Spiritual Feminist.  (There’s lots more in this book, very goddess-centered, but the back of the book is actually a grimoire, and this was the source for info on Psychic Oil…You might want to purchase your very own copy.  Just click on the title and you will be magickally transported to my Amazon Author Page.  Know that you can also purchase my books at Barnes & Noble, or any fine bookstore near you.)

Book Cover-- The Spiritual Feminist

Magickal Oils

I’m going to include in this section my own personal recipes for the following magickal oils right out of my very own Book of Shadows, or “De’ Big Black Book”, as I like to call it.  The ingredients are mostly mundane plants, herbs, spices and such that you probably already have on hand in your kitchen cupboards; but don’t be thrown by a more exotic ingredient.  You can usually pick up an unusual herb or item at any local new-age pagan shop.  And if you aren’t lucky enough to live near a magickal shop, you can try finding such items online.

The base for these oils:  There are a lot of people who insist on using the most expensive oils they can find, but the truth is that this doesn’t matter, not really; and if pinching pennies is a must, then go with a cheap bottle of all vegetable oil from the grocery store.  If you choose, you may use olive oil, or mineral oil, or almond oil, or grape seed oil, or even some other oil that you feel a special affinity towards.  In my world, pinching pennies is a necessity, so I opt for the cheap stuff, and it works with absolute gusto, I can assure you.

The herbs:  I’d like to say that when I create my magickal oils, I include the very special power of “3”.  I use at least three types of herbs in each of my oils.  You don’t need anymore than that, really.  Of course, if you want to include herbs not only for your magickal intention, but also an herb for the planets, I would add three more herbs to the oil for a total of six.  If you choose to include corresponding herbs to the Element you’re working with, then add three more for a total of nine…the ultimate magickal number (By the awful awesome Power of 3X3, so the incantation goes).  But remember, this oil is your creation, go with the flow, follow your instincts, don’t be afraid to create your own unique magickal oil…Let the Spirit move you.

Some people follow the practice of heating their oils and ingredients just until you catch the scent in order to raise the vibrational energy of the magickal potion, right before adding it to a glass bottle, sort of like giving it a “jump start”.  Other people simply add the oil and ingredients to a bottle and cap it off.  I’ve done both.  To tell you the truth, I’ve noticed no magickal difference; however, if you believe that this extra step will also imbue your magickal oil with extra strength or direction, then by all means go for it. Experiment with the process and see if you notice any difference for yourself.  One last thought…some practitioners will sit their oils out to bathe in the moonlight, or the sunlight, depending upon the energies they’re trying to catch.  Keep this in mind.

Can you simply go out and buy these magickal oils already made?  Yes, you can actually, but I suggest that you learn to make them for yourself.  There is no doubt that the personal energy you put into crafting such items adds to their potency, their power, and their effectiveness.  All the experience and expertise in the world can’t give a love potion as much “oomph” as the creator’s own steaming hot lust.  Remember, witchcraft is all about energy and the successful manipulation of energy to achieve your desires.  The more personal energy you add to your own spells, the more powerful you will be, and the more successful are your magickal endeavors.

Psychic Oil

Most people think that psychic abilities come naturally and just kick in with no warning, much like they see in the movies and on tv.  And this might be true for a few super gifted individuals in the world, but for the rest of us, who may have spent a lifetime ignoring that little voice in our head, we have to give ourselves a little extra magickal oomph to pick up this information. The average individual does not get two to three minute flashes (in Full Technicolor, no less) of intuitive information.  In actuality, it can be extremely subtle and extremely easy to overlook with all the “brain chatter” that we have going on.   Psychic Oil is simply meant to help us focus much needed energy on this aspect of ourselves, on our efforts to see what most people never will, on our ability to hear that barely perceptible murmur.  Once you’ve used and strengthened your psychic muscle, you’ll find that you’ll need this tool less and less.

Anoint your third eye chakra with this oil before doing divination of any kind.  Anoint your pendulum, rune stones, divining rod, or any other divination tool that you’re using.  If it happens to be tarot cards, or some other card deck, don’t damage your cards with the oil, but add a touch of the oil to the bag or box where you keep your cards.  Anoint and burn a lavender candle dressed with psychic oil to call up and strengthen your psychic powers.

Correspondences & Ingredients

Day: Monday (the Moon)
Candle Color: lavender (preferred color), blue (the Moon)
Moon Phase:  waxing, or the dark Moon (connected to divination)
The Base: olive oil, vegetable oil, or grape seed oil
The Herbs: for divination– strawberry, thyme, valerian, vanilla, yarrow (arrow root); for prophetic dreams– jasmine, marigold, mugwort, onion, rose; to strengthen psychic powers– bay, celery, cinnamon, eyebright, grass, lemongrass, lavender, marigold, mugwort, rose, anise, thyme, yarrow (arrow root); to increase psychic awareness– anise, bay, cinnamon, cloves, gardenia, lemon grass, lilac, marigold, nutmeg, rose, anise, thyme, yarrow (arrow root); for astral projection– dittany of Crete, cinnamon, jasmine, sandalwood

My Recipe

3 pinches of lavender, 
3 pinches of rosemary, 
3 marigold blossoms


Did you know…I sell magickal oils at my website, The Witch’s Corner, just click on This Link and you will be magickally transported to my world, where you’ll find a list of oils available, as well as some videos on the subject.  Be sure to explore this website, there’s lots to see and read…The Witch’s Corner is a project always in progress.  There’s a very large purple menu right under the banner at the top of every page.  Have fun.

Amythyst 20

Note: This essay was originally published at my blog Magickal Connections.

Herb of the Month

Energy:  feminine (receptive)

Planet:  Venus

Element:  Earth

Powers:  psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, astral projection, calling in the spirits

Magickal Uses:

Place mugwort in your shoes for physical strength and endurance during hikes.

Place a small bag filled with mugwort in your pillowcase to bring prophetic dreams and to aid with astral projection.

Use water infused with mugwort to bathe and charge your pendulum, crystals and stones, skrying mirrors, crystal balls, the box used to house your tarot cards, etc.

Carry mugwort for protection.

Image result for mugwort

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June's Moon ~

Named for: “Juno”, chief Roman goddess and female counterpart
of Jupiter

Anglo-Saxon: Sere-monap

Birthstone: pearl, alexandrite, moonstone

Flower: rose

June Moon Magick:

Mead Moon

Herbs: almond, dill, lily, lemongrass, clover

Stones: citrine herkimer, alexandrite,
blue lace agate

Scents: lily of the valley, lavender

Colors: orange, yellow-green

Trees: oak

Deities: Isis, Green Man, Cerridwen

Elements: Air/Water

Astrological Influences for June:


ruled by Mercury, projective/masculine, mutable/air


ruled by the Moon, receptive/feminine, cardinal/water

Pagan Holiday:

Summer Solstice/Litha

June 21

This is the longest period of daylight in the year, a time of magick, fairies, and the immortalized Mid-Summer's Eve. Fairy contact is generally easier to achieve on this day, for those of you who are brave enough to invoke the mischievous little folk, that is. But don't be surprised if soon after you can't find your favorite earrings, or the car keys, or any other shiny inviting objects you may have left laying around.

This is a popular month for weddings, though few in the Christianized world realize why...The Druid's celebrated the Summer Solstice as the 'marriage between heaven & earth', and thus the popular belief that June is a 'lucky' month for marriage ceremonies.

There will be Pagan spirit gatherings all around the world at this time, the most famous and the most notable at Stone Henge, where large groups of people will light bonfires and stay up all night in order to welcome the dawn.

Herbs: fennel, lavender, chamomile, cinquefoil, mugwort, thyme

Altar Flowers/Herbs: larkspur, rose, wisteria, St. Johns Wort

Feast Foods: apples, citrus, fruits, ale, mead, honey cakes

Animals: butterflies, frogs, toads, wrens

Incense: ylang ylang, thyme, rose, sandalwood, chamomile

Rituals/Spells: all night fairy vigils, candle magick, dream work, familiar blessings, herb gathering, self-dedication, sun magick

My Celebration:

Mid-summer's Eve, the longest day of the year. This holiday, steeped in fairy lore, is a magickal time filled with the Earth’s bounty. Gardens, fields, and forests are blooming with productivity, overflowing with abundant fertility and the promise of rich harvests to come. As the Earth is pregnant with summer’s lush growth, so too is the goddess, pregnant with new energy, infinite possibilities, and the promise of a rich spiritual harvest.

It's all about the fairies, this celebration, this pagan holiday. Fairy contact is generally easier to achieve on this day, for those of you who are brave enough to invoke the mischievous little folk, that is. But don't be surprised if soon after you can't find your favorite earrings, or the car keys, or any other shiny inviting objects you may have left laying around. They are fickle, unpredictable, light-fingered creatures, a loaded gun. If you do decide to invoke the wee folk, you should know that there is a physical reaction you could experience when they appear. Your skin may feel “crawly”, as though there were ants or bugs walking on you. This isn't harmful, and you will be perfectly okay, in spite of the 'ick' factor. It will just be a cue to you that your invocation was successful.

If you prefer to avoid fairies, you should know that they detest iron. To keep them at bay, lay iron nails in the four corners of your house, or your property, keep iron kettles in your kitchen, witches-- keep your cast iron cauldron's out in the open. Fairies will avoid you.

And this all being said, know that fairies heal...they heal. Call upon them when you need them without fear.

This is a popular month for weddings, though few in the Christianized world realize why. The Druid's celebrated the Summer Solstice as the “marriage between heaven & earth", and thus the popular belief that June is a "lucky" month for marriage ceremonies. There will be Pagan spirit gatherings all around the world at this time, the most famous and the most notable at Stone Henge, where large groups of people will light bonfires and stay up all night in order to welcome the dawn.

For several years, all during my son's childhood, there has been one very special tradition at our house connected with the celebration of Litha:

When my son was a little boy, he used to like to stay up through the "Witching Hour" and watch for fairies. He’d get comfy in his pj’s and robe. I’d gather up a lawn chair and place it beneath the large apple tree in our yard; and I’d prepare a special candle, placing it in a fire-proof reseptacle along with some herbs to offer the fairies. It was his time to sit quietly outside in the dark and watch for these magickal creatures, the only light being that of the candle and the moon, if it were out.

Most of the time, these evenings were uneventful, but one Mid-Summer’s Eve, my son’s patience was rewarded.

From across the lawn, he saw what he said looked like three very small blue lights dancing along the top of the fence. Eventually these three tiny lights dropped from the fence to the lawn beneath, where they bounced around in the grass for several seconds, and then they disappeared. My son came back to the house breathless and wide-eyed to tell me what he had seen.

The next morning, we went out to investigate the grass where the lights had been. Overnight, three mushrooms had popped up to create a perfectly formed triangle in this area, and the grass in the middle of this formation was withered and yellowed.

I can’t tell you with 100% accuracy whether what my son saw were fairies or not, but that really doesn’t matter. All that really matters is that one little boy had a very magickal and memorable night.

June ~ Crafting Your Magick

Fairy magic will be powerful and their presence could herald both the mystical and the mischievous. Work on magic now that clarifies communication and highlights the element of Air. Use magic of the wee folk to tap into the fairy realms. Magic now is all about movement-- movement of ideas, creations, people, and places. This is the perfect time to cast spells of transformation, spells to increase/decrease, to banish/manifest. Think about where it is you want to be, either from a mental or physical perspective, and cast the magic needed to move you along to this destination.

The solar plexus is the chakras to focus on. Learn to assert yourself, or to tone down an overbearing attitude. And which energy applies to you? If you don’t know, I’ll bet the people around you do.

Chakra Candles 

at The Witch's Corner
click  HERE

The Solar Plexus

Location: directly below the sternum and over the stomach
Color: yellow
Element: Fire
Essential Oils: lemon, grapefruit, juniper
Crystals: topaz, citrine, amber
Planet: Mars, Sun
Astrological Connection: Aries, Leo
Qualities: self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, personal power, freedom of choice
Life Issues: to develop a strong and healthy self-ego; to know and honor your will
Spiritual Activities: self-discovery through self-exploration
Positive Archetype: warrior
Negative Archetype: servant

Herboristeria Herbasana Canals: Desbloquea el chakra Manipura (7 chakras; 7 afirmaciones):

Candle Meditation

Discover the strength
of your will, and the
power inherent within
your being.

Enhance your ability
to handle whatever, and
whomever, life throws
your way.

I find solace in my
own strength and fortitude.
I can. I will. I do.
I am strong.
I am able.

Stone of the Month

Energy:  masculine (projective)

Planet:  Sun

Element:  Fire

Powers:  protection, psychism, intuitive energies,  enhances "the clairs" ~ clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance

Related image

My Book of Shadows

Related image

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