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I'll be resuming monthly in-house tarot readings at Next Millennium in March.  My first session will be Friday, March 30th, 4-7pm.  Readings are $25.00 for 15 minutes.  Be sure to get there early and sign in on the sign-up sheet!  I'm so excited to be doing this again.

My essay for March is all about Automatic Writing ~ What is automatic writing?  Can anyone do it?  How do you begin?  How do you protect yourself?  How do you set the mood?  You'll read about all the steps to go through in order to set yourself up for a fruitful, insightful, spiritual, and SAFE automatic writing session.  

Of course, March means the celebration of Ostara for many pagans, and this holiday is highlighted in this issue.  This will include the March Moon, as well as an herb and a stone connected to this moon.  We'll explore the idea of the energies associated with this month and the magick connections we can make through this energy, and this will include a look at the Throat Chakra.

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Happy Ostara!

Automatic Writing

First, what is "Automatic Writing"?

Dictionary definition:  writing said to be produced by a spiritual, occult, or subconscious agency rather than by the conscious intention of the writer.

From Wikipedia:  Automatic writing or psychography is a claimed psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing. The words purportedly arise from a subconscious, spiritual or supernatural source.

I think, jut as we are all psychic, we all have the ability to successfully do automatic writing.  As a matter of fact, in a discussion on writing that I had with a fiend, I told her that large chunks of my books don't seem to come from me.  I'm often totally surprised at the context, most of which, after the fact, I don't even remember.  I can read parts of my books as intently and in as much anticipation as someone who is reading them for the first time.  I've so often said to friends and family members, "Where the hell did that come from?  I'm not a deep enough thinker to be able to come up with something like that?"

I believe that I've been writing this way most of my life.  

However, the type of channeling that a writer/author does during the creation of a manuscript is very different than someone sitting down and intentionally immersing themselves in an automatic writing session.

If you've never done this before, how do you start?

First ~ You'll want to set the mood.  The writing space should be inviting and conducive to a successful connection.  Personally, I like to light a white candle and some incense.  You can play soft ambient music, preferably without vocals, if this helps you to concentrate, but I find this distracting myself.  I like to be comfortable, and I also like a glass of water, or a cup of tea nearby.  I have a notebook that I use specifically for automatic writing sessions, and I prefer a ball point pen over a pencil or fountain pen. 

The main thing is to be relaxed, to be able to sit comfortably for a period of time in the spot you chose, and to feel solitary enough to know that you won't be disturbed, and you can allow your mind to float free.  (Ironically, this is very similar for me to doing handwritten tarot readings for clients.)

Second ~ You need to ground and center yourself.  Do this just as you would for a spiritual ritual, or a divination session. 

You can quickly ground yourself while sitting at your writing desk, right before you begin.  First, place both feet flat on the floor, and lay your arms on the table, palms down.  Take three deep cleansing breaths and slowly exhale.  While doing this, imagine drawing energy up through the earth, through the floor, through the bottoms of your feet, and feel it spread upward as you slowly release each breath.

Still your mind.  Still the inward chatter, and find that quiet center within yourself.  Pause in this special still place for a few seconds before you pick up your pen.

Third ~ You're going to be inviting spirit contact.  You'll want to specify what kind of energy you'll deal with, and you want to protect yourself from negative energy or entities.

Ask your spirit guide(s) to protect you: 

Protect me from any negativity, or any dark entity, which could be harmful or disruptive.  I invite only pure entities of positive energy to come to me during this writing session.  I invite only beings of higher vibration to direct my writing.  Tell me what I need to know, bring me wisdom, insight, and knowledge that will bring benefits and positivity to me, or those this message may be for.  

Four ~ You need to set an intention.  Do you want to contact a particular spirit of someone who's passed?  Do you want general guidance from your Spirit Guides?  Are you seeking particular information for a particular purpose?

Think about what you want to come out of this automatic writing session.  State your intention out loud.  If it's a deceased individual you want to contact, state this, invite them to communicate with you, and write their name at the top of the page.

If it's general guidance you're seeking.  Narrow it down if possible, state it out loud, write your intention at the top of the page.  Do you want to know which direction a relationship is going to go?  Do you need guidance making an important decision?  Are you concerned for someone, and you want to know how you could help them?

Five ~ Start writing.  Start writing whatever begins popping into your head, even if it's as mundane as "I wish I got a cup of coffee before I started."  Eventually  your mundane thoughts will be gently pushed to the background of your mind, and information, visions, feelings, and perceptions coming from somewhere else will begin to come through.  You may experience this onslaught of psychic information through any of "the clairs"... clairvoyance; clairsentience; clairaudience; claircognizance.

Don't try to control your handwriting.  It might change to a type of writing that's totally unfamiliar to you, not your usual handwriting at all, or it may even change to doodles and sketching.

The most important thing is don't give up!  If you're not successful on your first try, don't be discouraged.  It actually takes practice, just like everything new we learn.  It's amazing, beneficial, actually relaxing, and of course, insightful.

Herb of the Month

Gender:  masculine
Planet:  Mercury
Element:  Air
Deity:  Rowen
Powers:  protection, money, love, fidelity, exorcism, success

Magickal Uses:

Two leaved ~ If you find a two-leaved clover, you shall soon also find a love.

Three-leaved ~ Trefoil, o the three-leaved clover, is worn as a protective amulet.

Four-leaved ~ The four-leaved clover, if worn, helps men avoid military service.  It also protects against madness, strengthens psychic powers, enables you to detect the presence of spirits, and leads the wearer to gold, money,  treasures.

If two people eat a four-leaved clover together, mutual love will result.  Seven grains of wheat laid on a four-leaved clover will enable one to see fairies.

If you put a four-leaved clover in your shoe before going out you will increase your chances of meeting a rich new love.

Five-leaved ~ The five-leaved clover is powerful for attracting money, and should be worn for this purpose.

White Clover:

White clover is used to work against hexes, and is worn or scattered around the premises for this.

Red Clover:

This clover, added to the bath water, aids you in dealing with financial arrangements of every kind.

Red clover is also used in lust potions and the infusion is sprinkled to remove negative spirits.

*Warning ~ do not use red clover if you are pregnant or using blood thinners.

In General:

Clover keeps snakes away from your property, if grown there.  When placed in the left shoe, and then forgotten, clover keeps evil from you.  Worn over the right breast it brings success in all undertakings.

If you have been disappointed in love, wear clover near your heart in a piece of blue silk to help you through.

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March's Moon ~

Named for: Martius, honoring “Mars”, the Roman god of war
Anglo-Saxon: Hlyd-monap
Birthstone: aquamarine, bloodstone
Flower: violet

March Moon Magick:
Seed Moon
Herbs: Jamine, star anise, sage, calamus, catnip
Stones: amethyst, aquamarine, pink fluorite
Scents: honeysuckle, apple blossom
Colors: light green, red-violet
Trees: alder, dogwood
Deities: Isis, the Morrigan, Hecate,
Astarte, Artemis
Elements: Water/Fire
Astrological Influences for March: 
ruled by Neptune, receptive/feminine, mutable/water
ruled by Mars, projective/masculine, cardinal/fire

Pagan Holiday:
Spring Equinox/Ostara
March 21

This is the day when the period of light and dark are equal, heralding springtime planting and the promise of warmth returning for the summer months.

This is also a celebration of the Saxon goddess of fertility...Eostre. Eggs and rabbits are symbols belonging to the Goddess Eostre and are incorporated into the festivities and celebrations. Sound familiar yet?

It is interesting to note why the date for the Christian holiday of Easter moves every year...Easter is always celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.

Herbs: cinquefoil, rose, violets, tansy, celandine
Altar Flowers/Herbs: honeysuckle, iris, lily, daffodil, crocus
Feast Foods: eggs, fish, honey, sweet food, leafy vegetables
Animals: chicks, hares, rabbits, swallows
Incense: honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, lotus, magnolia, rose, violet
Rituals/Spells: planting/sowing, rejuvenation spells, consecration of tools, grounding work, Earth blessings, spring cleansing

March ~
Crafting Your Magick

Just as water and fire may not mix well, so too, some personalities suffer from conflicts and unresolved issues. Now is your opportunity to work on spells of reconciliation and spells to temper anger. This is also the perfect time for magic to enhance aggressiveness where it’s called for, to work with dark magic for protection or retribution-- you’ll know which energy is needed where, trust me. The Seed Moon is the perfect time to work on issues of control, either to crush it where it’s bothersome, or to take advantage of it for your benefit. Now is also the time to instill passion in all pursuits and endeavors, giving a magical charge to any projects.

The throat chakra could use some attention in the month of March, opening up communication and freeing a voice, or binding the hurtful words of a destructive personality. If you have issues when it comes to freely expressing yourself, now’s the time to open up.

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The Throat Chakra

Location: the internal and external throat
Color: light blue, turquoise
Element: all four elements
Essential Oils: blue chamomile, gardenia, ylang ylang
Crystals: sodalite, blue turquois, aquamarine
Planet: Mercury
Astrological Connection: Gemini, Virgo
Qualities: communication, truthfulness
Life Issues: to be able to express yourself eloquently and freely
Spiritual Activities: anything which rings of communication ~ writing, public speaking, participation in groups, etc.
Positive Archetype: communicator
Negative Archetype: silent child

Candle Meditation
Throat Chakra

Find your voice
and the power that
it wields.

Discover communication
through releasing
inner doubt and

Strength lay in the
power of my words.
They flow freely from
my thoughts, through
my lips.

Stone of the Month

Energy:  receptive
Planet:  Moon
Element:  Water
Powers:  psychism, peace, courage, purification

Beneficial for:  In magick, this beautiful stone is worn or carried to enhance the use of psychic powers.  Holding a crystal of the stone, or wearing a faceted aquamarine around the neck, reduces our conscious minds hold on the psychic mind and allows the ever-present psychic impulses to be heard and to enter our consciousness.

Because the aquamarine is a cleansing and purification stone, it can be worn or rubbed on the body as a part of a purification prior to magickal acts.  A large crystal can also be worn or placed in the bathtub during cleansing dips.

A gentle, cleansing tincture can be made by placing an aquamarine in a glass of fresh water.  Let this sit in full moonlight, outdoors if possible, for three hours.  Retrieve the stone and drink the liquid for purification and heightened psychic awareness.

Aquamarine is used much like the amethyst in soothing and calming emotional problems.  It is a stone of peace, joy, and happiness, especially in relationships.  Aquamarine exchanged by mates helps smooth the path of their interactions, and it is a most magickally appropriate fit for a bridegroom to give his bride on the day of their nuptials.

Aquamarine is worn or carried as a protective amulet while sailing or flying over water.  When packing for a trip on water, whether a river cruise or a journey across the Pacific Ocean, tuck an aquamarine in your suitcase to guard against storms.  Fishermen and sailors have long made it their special amulet against danger.

Aquamarine has also been worn to relieve the pain of toothache and to cure illness of the stomach, throat, and jaw.

As a charm, aquamarine is worn to ensure good health,  to halt fear so as to strengthen the courage hiding behind it, and for alertness of the mind.

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