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Thank you to all the people who sent me their true Ouija Board Experiences!  It was fascinating hearing about what you went through and how it has affected you.  I enjoyed reading your stories, and I'm betting the viewers will enjoy hearing them! Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to send them to me.  You'll find the Ouija Board Stories in this month's Newsletter Video...scroll down.

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Check out the section, Spell-a-Day: Monday-Friday Magick, for some magickal inspiration and some pretty vibrant and major magickal candle spells.  Included in this section are the following spells ~ Spirit Guide Protection; Goin' to the Chapel; Loosin' the Pen; Goin' for Broke; The Goddess in Me.

There's also a special video section this month with some inspiration from some amazing Youtube women.  Kudos to them!  I hope you enjoy their videos as much as I do!

You'll find all the usual sections on herbs, stones, and moon magick... I hope you enjoy browsing this newsletter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a wonderful, happy, magickal May!

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Happy Beltaine!

Sex & Green Witchcraft ~ Follow this link to a blog post at Magickal Connections.  This month and its highly tuned sexual energy are perfect for this encore posting.


Monday-Friday Magick

Here's inspiration for a spell a day, Monday-Friday...to connect with powerful spiritual entities, beat writer's block, be delightfully successful in your newest business venture, get that marriage proposal you've been waiting for, and find your true inner beauty.

We're going to be working with my favorite kind of magick...candle spells! I'm including herbs and stones, oils, and magickal incantations. I'm assuming that if you're reading this, you're a magickal practitioner who is going to know how to use the correspondences and all the magickally scrumptious ingredients to put together and cast a spell.

Spell For the Day: Monday

Spirit Guide Connection
(find and connect with your Spirit Guide)

Who is your spirit guide? Are they real?...Yes! They are beings who inhabit the spirit world and are connected to you in some way-- to protect you, to guide you, to teach you. You can call them angels, or guardian angels, or they may be spirits of your ancestors, or spiritual beings of a higher evolution than us. They may come to you as nothing more than a small voice in your head that you're barely aware of, the voice that warns you of danger in the moment-- the voice that makes you hesitate just for that split second that was needed when another car runs a red light, or convinces you to postpone a trip and avoid an accident. They may give you warnings in the form of premonitions, or dreams, or visions. They also guide you as you explore and discover your spirituality and your life's path.

It's imperative that you connect with your Spirit Guide, and the following spell will help you do just that.

Blue candles
Planet: Moon
Herbs: calamus, cardamom, jasmine, myrrh, sandalwood, vanilla
Stones: aquamarine, chalcedony, moonstone, sapphire
Visions Oil: star anise, angelica, kava kava*

Sweet Guardian Spirit, my teacher, my guide;
Touch my shoulder, stay by my side.

Travel with me on this journey called life;
Protect me from harm, evil, and strife.


Spell For the Day: Tuesday

Go'in to the Chapel
(matrimony spell)

You're in Loooove! He loves you, you love him (or She loves you and you love her). But for some reason that all important question isn't getting asked. You're the perfect couple, kindred souls, coupled spirits, everything is all hunky-dory in the love department. It's just a matter of who, how, and when those four important little words are going to get said. Here's a little magick to put some fire under it!

Red candles
Herbs: allspice, basil, coriander, ginger, marigold, nutmeg
Stones: garnet, jasper (red), rhodocrosite, ruby
Love Oil: palmarosa, ylang ylang, ginger, rosemary, cardamom

My partner, my love;
Without you, what would life be?

To seal our love and build our dreams,
Will you marry me?


Spell For the Day: Wednesday

Loosen the Pen
(getting rid of writer's block)

We've all done it, those of us who write. We have sat there and stared in a stupor before a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen. The thoughts wouldn't come, the words wouldn't come, and the ideas wouldn't jell. There's probably mundane ways to break writer's block, but anything that I've tried takes time; you wind up just having to wait it out. I'm impatient. And if you're a writer with deadlines to meet and assignments to complete, you can't just sit around waiting for your brain to wake up and that elusive Muse to whisper in your ear. I like the idea of a magick spell to break writer's block, to get the ball rolling-- or the pen writing, or the keyboard clicking.

Yellow candles
Planet: Mercury
Herbs: anise, eye-bright, lavender, marjoram, sage, slippery elm
Stones: agate, aventurine, jasper (mottled), mica
Mercury Oil: lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint

Magickal Muse, whisper in my ear;
Put pen to paper, make my thoughts run clear.

The words will come, the ink will flow;
My brain runs free-- and off we go!


Spell For the Day: Thursday

Goin' for Broke
(business success)

Whether you're starting a business, or you're trying to give an old business a new jump start, or you're thinking about starting a business and you haven't quite decided to take the plunge, here's a little witchy magick to bring you success in your business ventures. May this business magick bring glittering twinkles and stardust, bursting fireworks, lots of customers and sales, and money piled high as corn at fourth of July!*

Purple candles
Herbs: anise, dandelion, hyssop, mint, poppy seeds, star anise
Stones: amethyst, pyrite, kunzite, aventurine
Business Success Oil: bergamot, basil, patchouli, cinnamon

Success and Prosperity shine on me;
The Midas touch will set me free.

Money, success, and flame flow in;
The universe shouts, “Win, win, win!!”


Spell For the Day: Friday

The Goddess in Me
(beauty and self-empowerment)

I am pretty damn terrific!...say it!! Repeat it, shout it, believe it, feel it, wallow in it. Pretend you're standing at the summit of a mountain, or you're standing on the roof of your house, or the top of the Empire State Building and shout, as loud as you can-- I am pretty damn terrific!!

Now get your gorgeous damn terrific selves busy and cast this spell to draw in all that beautiful powerful over-the-top magnificent Energy!

Pink candles
Herbs: aster, catnip, geranium (pink), hibiscus, licorice (the root), willow
Stones: rose quartz, moonstone, emerald, lapis lazuli
Beauty Bath: lavender, rosemary, spearmint, comfrey root, thyme

I am Powerful and Beautiful;
It's the Goddess in me.

I am Woman Supreme;
By the power of three!*


*Note: the oils and the beauty bath are courtesy of “Incense, Oils, & Brews” by Scott Cunningham. I've left the amount of each ingredient used open to your own discretion. As for the oils, personally, I prefer olive oil as a base.

*Note: “...as high as corn at fourth of July”: for those of you unfamiliar with this term, it's a Mid-western farm thing. When the fourth of July rolls around, the corn should be Knee-High!

*Note: the number “3” holds lots of magickal implications-- there is the goddess trinity (maiden, mother, crone); there is the infamous line to draw in energy for your spells (by the awful awesome power of three times three); in magick concoctions, it's often three ingredients called for; and so it goes.

Herb of the Month

Gender:  Feminine
Planet:  Venus
Element:  Earth
Deity:  Freya
Powers:  protection, love

Magickal Uses:
Blue and red primroses growing in the garden protect it from all adversities, and they also attract fairies.  Though primroses to some represent wantonness, women carry them to attract love.  They are also worn to cure madness and are sewn into children's pillows to gain their undying respect and loyalty.

"Primrose has been used to cure vertigo (the root), arthritis (the leaves), wounds (salves), muscle spasms and gout, much has been written about the medicinal properties of this humble plant. Traditionally, an infusion of primrose was used to cure hysteria."

April's Newsletter Video

Yes!...the photo that you see in the first section of this video is my own photo and it's a picture of a table in my living-room loaded with crystals.  The audio portion for this section was taped while I was driving to work, so it's not a pristine recording, but very natural and still very clear.  The reason that I loaded this month's video at Vimeo instead of Youtube is because while taping the audio for the first section, I had my car radio on with music in the background.  Youtube is so super sensitive about copyrights that it would not allow this to be heard, but would mute this section of the video (I speak from experience).

The second portion of the video consists of a taped intro (I don't want to be some disembodied voice), and then an audio portion that are true Ouija board stories sent to me by viewers.  So thank you all for sharing your stories!!  If you want to skip to the Ouija stories, the time stamp is 8:20.

Blessings, Amythyst

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May's Moon ~ Fairy Moon

Herbs: apple blossom, magnolia, rose,
vanilla, thyme
Stones: chrysotile, emerald, septarian
Scents: rose, sandalwood
Colors: green, brown, pink
Trees: hawthorn, apple
Deities: Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Pan,
Horned God, Artemis
Astrological Signs: Taurus/Gemini
Elements: Earth/Air

May's Holiday

(May 1)

The Goddess celebrates sexuality, the joy of human copulation, and the soul connections that are created by this physical act. This holiday embraces the joy of the union, the idea of two (the god and goddess) becoming one, and celebrating the energy this union generates. As divinity embraces the physical and spiritual beauty of sex, so should we.

This holiday is one of the most Pagan. It is a celebration of fertility and the sexuality that goes right along with it. To the modern world, it's more commonly known as May Day. What the Roman church tried so hard to control, to portray as evil, sinful, or dirty is the very thing celebrated at Beltaine...human sexuality.

In modern celebrations of May Day, people still dance around the Maypole (some not realizing that this is a phallic symbol), while they hold brightly colored streamers spilling from the top of this pole, symbolic of the creative force of sex. In ancient days bonfires would roar through the night, dancing and merriment would ensue, and young lovers would steal away to the forest, to greet the dawn of a new day in each other's arms.

My Celebration:
This is another one of those holidays that passes by quietly at our house, except for one very magickal practice:

It’s said that at sunrise on the morning of Beltaine, those women wishing to recapture their youth, as well as all women wishing to retain their beauty, should go out into the grass at the break of dawn, sweep up the morning dew with their hands, and bathe their faces with it.

The ironic aspect of this practice is that, from a very little girl on, I use to do this quite regularly: step outside into the backyard, glance at the morning sun, sweep up dew from the grass into both hands, and bathe my face in it. Why would a child do this? It makes me wonder about all the natural, instinctual, and often unusual, things we do. It makes me wonder about all the magick buried deep within our sub-conscious, all the ancient ancestoral knowledge that is part of our DNA. It makes me wonder what happened in the universe, in this vast world, that made us forget this magick?

And what has awakened this magick within us now?

Beltaine Correspondences
Herbs: cinquefoil, frankincense, marigold, meadowsweet, woodruff
Altar Flowers/Herbs: daisy, hawthorn, lilac, primrose, wildflowers, rose
Feast Foods: barley cakes, oat cakes, red fruit, elderflower drinks, herbal salads
Animals: honey bees, cats, horses, rabbits, white cow
Incense: frankincense, lilac, passion flower, rose, vanilla
Rituals/Spells: bale fire, fertility magick, sex magick, handfasting, beauty magick, love spells, The Great Rite

May ~ Crafting Your Magic

The Fairy Moon magnifies duality. In this moon is the potential for personal growth, for illumination and wisdom. But the darker side of this energy is neurotic and complicated-- handle with care. Cast magic now to unite logic and emotions, magic to emphasize the self and to banish bad habits, to strengthen self-esteem, and to reach personal goals. Work on magic that clarifies communication and highlights the solidity of reality with personal aspirations. This is also an excellent time for sex magic-- the energy of the God and Goddess is entwined, raw, and potent at this time.

The heart chakra is the energy center to concentrate on now. This chakra emphasizes relationships, love and friendship-- and how you relate to both.

Chakra Candles 

at The Witch's Corner
click  HERE

The Heart Chakra

Location: middle of the chest
Color: green, pink
Element: Air
Essential Oils: rose, carnation, lily of the valley
Crystals: rose quartz, diamond, peridot
Planet: Venus
Astrological Connection: Libra, Taurus
Qualities: love, peace, purity
Life Issues: learning to give and receive love
Spiritual Activities: learning self-love, meditation to move positive energy
Positive Archetype: lover
Negative Archetype: narcissist

Candle Meditation
Heart Chakra

Connect with your emotions
and your capacity for love
and self-love.

Open your heart to
life's infinite possibilities
and the healing power of
emotional well-being.

I love myself and
give my love freely
to those who deserve it.

Stone of the Month

Energy:  Receptive (Feminine)
Planet:  Venus
Element:  Earth
Deities:  Isis, Venus, Ceres, Vishnu
Powers:  love, money, mental powers, psychism, protection, exorcism, eyesight

Emerald is the love stone in many parts of Asia, and it's the stone traditionally used for engagement rings.  Emerald will bring love into your life.  Wear an emerald, or carry an emerald in your pocket, to draw love to you.

Emeralds are used in business spells to promote sales and to increase public awareness for your business.

This stone is worn to increase and strengthen your memory and to increase your awareness of your psychic abilities.

This stone is also used for protection:  its worn or carried to protect travelers, and to protect people from evil entities and possession.

If worn as jewelry, for the best effects, the stone should be set in silver or copper.

Here's some Youtube videos from some amazing women dealing with witchcraft, tarot, magick, mediumship, and more. Have fun and Enjoy!!

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