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Happy Beltaine!

Sex & Green Witchcraft ~ Follow this link to a blog post at Magickal Connections.  This month and its highly tuned sexual energy are perfect for this encore posting.



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May's Moon ~ Fairy Moon

Herbs: apple blossom, magnolia, rose,
vanilla, thyme
Stones: chrysotile, emerald, septarian
Scents: rose, sandalwood
Colors: green, brown, pink
Trees: hawthorn, apple
Deities: Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Pan,
Horned God, Artemis
Astrological Signs: Taurus/Gemini
Elements: Earth/Air

May's Holiday

(May 1)

The Goddess celebrates sexuality, the joy of human copulation, and the soul connections that are created by this physical act. This holiday embraces the joy of the union, the idea of two (the god and goddess) becoming one, and celebrating the energy this union generates. As divinity embraces the physical and spiritual beauty of sex, so should we.

This holiday is one of the most Pagan. It is a celebration of fertility and the sexuality that goes right along with it. To the modern world, it's more commonly known as May Day. What the Roman church tried so hard to control, to portray as evil, sinful, or dirty is the very thing celebrated at Beltaine...human sexuality.

In modern celebrations of May Day, people still dance around the Maypole (some not realizing that this is a phallic symbol), while they hold brightly colored streamers spilling from the top of this pole, symbolic of the creative force of sex. In ancient days bonfires would roar through the night, dancing and merriment would ensue, and young lovers would steal away to the forest, to greet the dawn of a new day in each other's arms.

My Celebration:
This is another one of those holidays that passes by quietly at our house, except for one very magickal practice:

It’s said that at sunrise on the morning of Beltaine, those women wishing to recapture their youth, as well as all women wishing to retain their beauty, should go out into the grass at the break of dawn, sweep up the morning dew with their hands, and bathe their faces with it.

The ironic aspect of this practice is that, from a very little girl on, I use to do this quite regularly: step outside into the backyard, glance at the morning sun, sweep up dew from the grass into both hands, and bathe my face in it. Why would a child do this? It makes me wonder about all the natural, instinctual, and often unusual, things we do. It makes me wonder about all the magick buried deep within our sub-conscious, all the ancient ancestoral knowledge that is part of our DNA. It makes me wonder what happened in the universe, in this vast world, that made us forget this magick?

And what has awakened this magick within us now?

Beltaine Correspondences
Herbs: cinquefoil, frankincense, marigold, meadowsweet, woodruff
Altar Flowers/Herbs: daisy, hawthorn, lilac, primrose, wildflowers, rose
Feast Foods: barley cakes, oat cakes, red fruit, elderflower drinks, herbal salads
Animals: honey bees, cats, horses, rabbits, white cow
Incense: frankincense, lilac, passion flower, rose, vanilla
Rituals/Spells: bale fire, fertility magick, sex magick, handfasting, beauty magick, love spells, The Great Rite

May ~ Crafting Your Magic

The Fairy Moon magnifies duality. In this moon is the potential for personal growth, for illumination and wisdom. But the darker side of this energy is neurotic and complicated-- handle with care. Cast magic now to unite logic and emotions, magic to emphasize the self and to banish bad habits, to strengthen self-esteem, and to reach personal goals. Work on magic that clarifies communication and highlights the solidity of reality with personal aspirations. This is also an excellent time for sex magic-- the energy of the God and Goddess is entwined, raw, and potent at this time.

The heart chakra is the energy center to concentrate on now. This chakra emphasizes relationships, love and friendship-- and how you relate to both.

Chakra Candles 

at The Witch's Corner
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The Heart Chakra

Location: middle of the chest
Color: green, pink
Element: Air
Essential Oils: rose, carnation, lily of the valley
Crystals: rose quartz, diamond, peridot
Planet: Venus
Astrological Connection: Libra, Taurus
Qualities: love, peace, purity
Life Issues: learning to give and receive love
Spiritual Activities: learning self-love, meditation to move positive energy
Positive Archetype: lover
Negative Archetype: narcissist

Candle Meditation
Heart Chakra

Connect with your emotions
and your capacity for love
and self-love.

Open your heart to
life's infinite possibilities
and the healing power of
emotional well-being.

I love myself and
give my love freely
to those who deserve it.

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