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This is THE best month of the year!  Not only is it indescribably beautiful, especially if you live (like I do) in a climate that changes with amazing autumn colors, it's also the month of Samhain, the most celebrated holiday at our house.  And this year it will be my daughter's 21st birthday!  We've got lots going on, festivities planned, both at home and on the town.  Never-the-less, I'm still going to follow through with my tried and true traditions...Homemade Chili & Hot Apple Cider.

This month's newsletter is filled with articles, essays, information, and videos centering around October and the celebration of Samhain aka Halloween.  Enjoy!

Samhain Special!

I've put together a charming little bag to celebrate Samhain and draw in the spirits, spirits of the season and spirits we wish to communicate with.  Samhain is traditionally a time to connect with our ancestors and especially loved ones who have passed.

Honor your ancestors, and honor the spirit of Samhain,
with these magickal items.

The Samhain Special:

a white spirit dollie, 
a bottle of Black Cat Oil, 
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October's Newsletter Video

Video Contents ~
Court Case Spells/DUI & Consequences: 00:14
Samhain Special/Talking about Black Cat Oil: 6:47
Tarot Card for the Day/Cutting things out of my life: 8:25
My Sedona Crystals/and my ley line experiences: 12:24
Final Footage/Hiking trail in the Grand Canyon: 15:19

Court Case Spells ~

Oils, Potions, n' Powders/more information on Black Cat Oil, scroll down! ~

(October 31st)

The goddess is old and wizened. She’s settling into this stage of her persona to reap the benefit of all that she has experienced, all that has transpired on her journey to this point. She’s preparing for the dark months, gathering her harvest about her, both for her physical survival and her emotional revival, using this time to rest, to gather energy for the future and the light that she knows will return. On this phase of her journey she can afford to sit back in quiet reflection, to shed those things in her life that have become a burden, and to look forward to the end of her journey, or rather, the beginning of the next.

Samhain (pronounced 'Sou-wen') is a celebration that has a more somber side than the revelry of modern Halloween. It is a day of remembrance of your ancestors and for those family members who have passed over. Pagan families may set an extra place at the supper table on this evening, to honor those loved ones who are no longer with them. The veil between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest on this eve, and this night is an excellent time to perform divination, or to try and connect with those spirits from the other side.

Samhain @Tessa McDaniel A Hearth & Home Goddess Wannabe

My Celebration:

Samhain is a big deal at our house. Some years ago we began the tradition of a bonfire in the front driveway, an open house for friends, childrens’ friends, and acquaintances. You’ll find a table set up by the fire pit for a weinie roast, with smore’s for dessert. In the kitchen, I’ve got a large kettle of chili on the stove, and a large kettle of hot apple cider. Costumes are optional, for those who are comfortable dressing up, I say go for it; for those who are not, don't sweat it. And, of course, there will be a large bowl of candy for the children in our neighborhood who follow the age-old custom of trick or treating.

You always hear that the veil has thinned on this night and spirit contact is almost inevitable if one wishes to put forth some effort. Samhain is also reputed to be a superb night for divination of any kind, and with this in mind, I set up a table on the back porch full of divination tools: tarot cards, rune stones, pendulums, oriental divination sticks, and don't forget the Ouija board for those who wish to try their hand communing with the spirits. Guests seem to love this opportunity, and there will be people seated around this table off and on all evening. It gives many a chance to learn about, touch, and use divination tools that they may not be familiar with and might otherwise not have access to.

Magickal Preparations for Winter

(This essay was written October 23, 2014)

Cat exploring the lights - now just what is this all about... FUN and a little play... ;-)

1. Cleanse each room of energy debris…The negative stuff, the dark and ugly energy lurking in the corners and beneath the couch and chairs, the energy that hides in the cubbies and closets and scares those children who sense it…smudge, incense, burn candles, and bring out that magickal broom– sweep, sweep, sweep that space clean. Leave a wee bit of something behind to keep this space clear, to let the Dark Ones, the Spirits, and Ghosts know that you’ve reclaimed this space, that it is yours— a mojo bag of protection and deflection, some cleansing & protective herbs tied up in pretty bundles and tacked to the ceiling here and there, over the windows, or door frames. And never assume that cleansing this space once will keep it clear forever. Every once-in-a-while, light some candles & incense, send positive energy through this space. Keep your guard up, keep your magickal energy pure, draw your magickal lines in the sand.

2. Gather your harvest of herbs…As I write this, we’re just nine days out from Samhain. In my neck of the woods we’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather so far. We’ve had a couple really cold nights, only one where I had to cover anything, and we still have a lively garden. So now is my time to Gather Those Magickal Herbs & Plants!!. In the stillness of the Indian Summer days, I will clip and snip, tie and bind, hang and dry a variety of plants that will be tacked to my kitchen ceiling, crushed and added to bottles and jars, or arranged in pretty glass bowls. This is the season for the Green Witch to reap the harvests of Mother Earth, to restock her magickal cabinet. Hurry, before winter descends and the snow flies.

3. Put your garden to rest for the season, magickally speaking…The nature spirits have spent all summer fluttering about your garden, gracing it with health and a wealth of blossoms and buds. But it’s time now for nature to retreat into the depths of winter; it’s time for the plants to finish their final cycle; it’s time for the soil to rest. On a quiet still autumn day, take a white candle and some incense into your garden, thank the fairies and spirits for their care and presence and magick. Bid them adieu, until we meet again in spring. Scatter to the four corners of this magickal space crushed rosemary and sage, allow the candle to burn in the center of the garden, sending out healing energy for Nature, as well as a last flame of light before the darkness of winter descends. It’s sort of bitter-sweet, this process for me; but you can leave your garden with a wistful smile, knowing that this is only a temporary good-by, a temporary sleep. When spring comes, you’ll rejoice with the flowers and herbs and shrubs once more.

4. Prepare your vehicle for winter travel…Just like most people check the tires, change the oil, and mundanely “winterize” their vehicles in anticipation of severe winter weather conditions, so you will want to magickally “winterize” your vehicle, making sure there is a powerhouse of positive protective energy surrounding the vehicle itself and everyone who travels in it. This is an ongoing thing at our house. I use stone talismans created personally, decorated with symbols and words related to specific deities invoking their energy for protection. I use mojo bags filled with calamus root and plantain– one of the strongest combinations of herbs for safe travel– along with a tiger eye stone and even hair clippings from the car’s owner and people who will be routinely traveling in this vehicle. Smudge the vehicle with sage or a favorite incense; asperge (sprinkle) the vehicle with salted water for purification and blessings; anoint the four sides of the vehicle with Mars Astrological Ointment, dipping your finger in the oil and drawing an invoking pentagram discreetly near the bottom of the car doors. Settle into the coming winter months with the security of knowing that you’ve done all you can possibly do to assure safe travel for you and your family members

Historical Accuracy & the Modern Practicing Pagan

Historical Accuracy ~ There is a deluge of internet blogs on this topic, and I’ve read many of them in open-awed wonder at the closed-minded, in-the-box, impossible silliness of all the rhetoric. Historical Accuracy, really? You want “Historical Accuracy” in your practice? You want to do things 100% the way they were originally done centuries ago? As one charming witch put it, “…Well then, how’s your Human Sacrifice coming along, and when was the last time you led livestock to a bog?”

And let’s get one thing straight before we go any further ~ “Historical Accuracy”, trying to replicate the precise practices of ancient people who no longer exist towards an ancient deity with no fully documented information is not the same thing as respect for modern indigenous people and their active spiritual practices. (In other words, I won’t be holding a Lakota Sioux ceremony in my backyard anytime soon.)

But when I’m told I need “permission” to set up an altar to Kuan Yin in my home, it gets my blood riled. Ask permission? From whom? The Chinese government?…they’re communist. If you want to nitpick at “rules” for your spirituality, look at it this way– I’m not breaking any laws. Under our American Constitution I’m expressing my “Freedom of Religion”. I doubt that my home is going to be deluged with spiritual police carting away my Kuan Yin statue like some sort of illegal contraband.

Too many people have way too much time on their hands which they’ve spent in some sort of fruitless pursuit of a “Perfect Spiritual Practice”. It’s time for the Historical Accuracy Bandwagon to park itself.

I’m including in this blog post a video by Molly Roberts on this exact topic. She puts it way more eloquently than I can ~

Tarot Study ~

Major Arcana/The World


21 The World

Keywords: finished; completion; self-satisfaction; the circle; sacred space

Archetypes: Oscar winners; gold medalists; New York Times Best Selling Authors; Einstein, the Pope; Nobel Peace Prize Winners





Astrological Sun Sign/Scorpio

Upright Interpretation: The World is rife with positive possibilities; it’s letting us know that anything we’ve been working on, or working for, will be finished up soon with positive results. It’s saying, “Good job! You’ve come full circle.” But it’s also letting us know that just because one thing has reached a conclusion, not all things are done. Life must move on, we’ve got a lot yet to do. The circle, almost a universal symbol for this card no matter what deck, represents Sacred Space; it is a safe place where you can concentrate with confidence on all the Important Stuff. The world is your oyster, go forth to create, to build, to invent, and to enjoy.

Reversed Interpretation: Life, along with it’s projects and any important activities, has stalled. What do you need to jump-start Life again? Look at the people around you, look at the circumstances surrounding you, look within yourself. You’ll recognize it; the question will be…Can you fix it? Of course, there are those things in life we have no control over; and then, there are those things in life we only think we have no control over. Learn to discern between the two.

Study Questions:

1. What is your first impression of this card?

2. What does this card mean to You?

3. Are there details on this card that especially stand out for you? If so, write them down and explain.

4. How does this card define relationships?

5. How does this card define financial circumstances?

6. How is this card relevant to health issues?

Affirmations for Meditation:

1. I grab life by the brass ring.

2. I will finish what I start.

3. I will seek completion that heals.

4. I celebrate the sacred.

5. I willingly step into the Sacred Circle.

A Tarot Reading for The World:
The World ~ 7/wands ®; Page/swords ®; King/swords

World, you tell us when to drop our defenses.  “For god’s sake,” you say, “it’s time to start trusting, to start allowing people and experiences into your heart and life.  It’s time to flick that chip of your god-damn shoulder and realize that no life is a life worth living without trust.”  New relationships, new love, life experiences will be by-passed totally, completely, unwittingly, because you do not trust your own heart, you do not trust the heart of others, you do not trust the universe to bring positive energy and experiences your way.

You have finished something; you have come full circle; they cannot hurt you now.  Dear World, you let us know when we’ve gone through a stage, a rite of passage, when we’ve successfully reached a pinnacle in life and can either plan for another, or set back and take a deep breath and a break from all the pressures that we’ve put upon ourselves.

You give us our voice, help us find our strength.  You urge us across one of many finishing lines we’ll find on our journey in life, urging us forward, whispering in our ears as we run with the wind towards the yellow ribbon, pushing out our chests, throwing our arms open wide, pumping our legs as fast as our muscles will allow.

Taste victory, The World tells us.

Or as Dr. Jung suggested, an Oak tree becomes an Oak tree, not a radish.  So it is with human beings.

The Acorn:

Good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power.  A dried acorn is an excellent natural amulet for keeping a youthful appearance.

Technically, I’m not sure if the acorn counts as an “herb”, since it springs from the mighty Oak Tree…however, I do know that it most definitely is full of magickal energy, and it is part of the sacred world of plants, so we’ll include it here.  Just so you know, I have an entire glass container full of acorns for my own magickal use. 

The lore:

The oak is a sacred tree to many cultures and spiritual practitioners, including the Druids. There is a Nordic tale of the great god Thor sheltering beneath a mighty oak tree during a storm.  The goddess Diana is often depicted wearing a necklace of acorns.  The Celts and Druids found the oak tree especially symbolic of the Samhain season.  The tree is a symbol of the Horned God, Herne (or Cernunnos)

The acorn is considered the first sacred food of civilization.  It’s symbolic of security and abundance, and it counteracts loneliness, illnesses, and pain.  It’s energy aids in maintaining longevity, draws good luck, and preserves the illusion of youth.

You can identify your true love by labeling two acorn caps with your name and the name of your beloved.  Float them in a bowl of water, if they drift together, you’ve made a successful match, if they float apart…so does your love.

October Moon
(Blood Moon)


Herbs: ginger, myrrh, allspice, basil, clove
Stones: alexandrite, citrine, lilac kunzite
Scents: pine, patchouli
Colors: dark green, brown, gold
Trees: yew, cypress, maple, oak
Deities: Astarte, Horned God, Lakshmi, Ishtar
Elements: Air/Water

Astrological Correspondences

ruled by Venus, projective/masculine, cardinal, air
ruled by Mars, receptive/feminine, fixed/water

The October Country~by Jackie Sullivan~What Jackie has to say about this piece "October. The time of falling leaves and pumpkins. Of colder winds and turning colors. When leaves crunch under your feet and black cats are given a second look.     I love October.      I composed this entirely in Photoshop using my tablet. From September of 2005. My apologies to Ray Bradbury for appropriating the title."

Crafting Your Magic:

Ancestral magic is cast with the Blood Moon. Do magic now to communicate with family members who have passed, to connect with your ancestors and your heritage. Magic surrounding divination is relevant, it’s the perfect time. Cast spells for justice and balance, and to overthrow anything oppressive which may be blocking your path to success. Ambition is highlighted, use magic to increase the potency of your own, or cast magic to contain ambition that may have run amok. This is also the perfect time to step into the dark shadows and take advantage of the vibrations found there. The gray witch revels in the magic of the Blood Moon and in this season.

Samhain ~ Creating Memories

Five things that highlight this holiday for me include, but are not limited to:

1.  Hot Apple Cider ~ Every Samhain for the past 20+ years, I’ve drug out my huge (HUGE) silver canning kettle and set it on the back of the stove to slowly heat the Drink of the Evening.  My recipe —

5-7 large jugs of apple juice
8-10 bags of peach tea
a handful of cinnamon sticks
and a large metal tea ball filled
with whole cloves and allspice

You can leave a shaker of nutmeg sit on the counter & anyone who wants to add a dash of this spice to their mug of apple cider can do so.

If you don’t like this cider full force, you can dilute it some with water to suit your own taste.

My Hot Apple Cider ~

Let’s take a look at the ingredients we just used from a magickal perspective:

Peaches— love

Nutmeg— one of the most popular uses for nutmeg is to assure fidelity.  It’s also used for spells centered around luck, money, and health.

Cinnamon— spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, protection, love

Allspice— money, luck, healing

Cloves— protection, exorcism, love, money

Apple— love, healing, garden magic, immortality

2.  Autumn leaves & flowers ~ There is nothing more beautiful than a tree caught in its seasonal death throes.  It puts a new spin and realization on the idea of death and rebirth for me; the idea of shedding oneself of all the outward trappings of ego, vanity, and expectation; the idea of natural beauty that comes with age and experience, and a miraculous rebirth, whether physically or spiritually.


3.  The Ancestors ~ As I’ve gotten older and time has marched mercilessly on,  all through the past few decades, I’ve watched the Older Generation of my family die off.  First, the “Greats” (and these are people I actually knew, whom I remember)…great-grandparents and aunts:  Alpha, Tracy, Gma Smith, Gpa Smith, Lizzie.  And I still watch, even now, as the passing generations move up, ever closer to me and my generation…my grandmother, Darlene, Jim (my father).  And then there are those that died tragically, before they had time to get old…Joe, John Patrick, Norman.  It’s with a sense of awe and wonder, a sense of growing knowledge and acceptance, that I’m beginning to understand the real meaning behind the “Wheel of the Year” and its natural progression.


4.  Spices ~ allspice, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg…They say that your olfactory sense, your sense of smell, can snap a memory into your brain faster than almost anything else, so closely are certain scents associated for us.  And this is true of the traditional smells of autumn at our house.  I can visualize Grma’s teapot, particular cups, favorite old trees adorned in autumn leaves, pets (both present and past) who laid at our feet around the kitchen table, puddles of glowy golden light from lamps on a wet and cold drooling autumn day…I could go on and on.  These smells, as pleasant as they are in themselves, hold all kinds of memories for me.


5.  Chili ~ Every year, for 20+ years now, I drag out my Great-Big-Red-Cooking-Pot and make a walloping batch of homemade chili.  You can tell the prosperous years from the lean years by my chili…on prosperous years, it will contain more meat.  This is another one of those scents that also connect closely with Samhain at our house, it’s a family tradition.  I usually start the chili early in the morning and let it sit and simmer on low all day, giving the flavors time to blend deliciously together.

So, what are the things that bring this holiday, and this time of year home to you?  What are your family traditions and memories?  How does Samhain touch you?

Drunk with The Virgin Mary

This is the PREFACE to my book, “The Spiritual Feminist”.   Do you have your copy?  What!? No?…Click on the link in this paragraph and order your copy today.  (You’re welcome.)


The only appealing part of Catholicism for me was the Virgin Mary. I know now that this was a natural attraction to the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. It was also a protective mechanism, a flinching away from the hard and fast patriarchal control and power of the male priests around me and their insistence on keeping all things feminine in what they thought of as a proper perspective, i.e. in it’s place according to their doctrine. Looking back, I can see that the nuns were also inexplicably and totally transfixed by this iconic female figure, though I don’t think they totally understood their own fixation. They spent a great deal of time emphasizing and re-emphasizing the fact that the father, son, and holy ghost were “divine”, but Mary was not.

Poor Mary, a humble human, impregnated out of wedlock, married off to Joseph, a gallant man praised for his merciful attitude to take on this mess in order to help out a woman who would be stoned to death for her condition, were it to become public knowledge. Poor Mary… “Big wheels keep on turnin’; Proud Mary keep on burnin’…”

The father of her unborn illegitimate child was revered to the world as the God of all creation, inspired and egged-on by his androgynous sidekick, the holy ghost; and together they conspire to keep Mary right where they want her, at the bottom of the spiritual totem pole, a useful vessel, a walking womb, an attractive and appealing incubator, and a publicist’s dream.

In the end, they underestimated the power and strength of feminine spirituality; they underestimated the ingrained ancestral instinct to embrace matriarchal divinity. At the end of the day, the spiritual icon left to walk the red carpet is a little Jewish woman with her own set of prayer beads and a kick ass attitude.

Baby, the Goddess is back.



How Samhain became Halloween

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